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Strange Frequency 2

84 min
Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Neill Fearnley
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Roger Daltrey
Host / Devil
Jason Gedrick
Vince Brava (segment "Soul Man")
John Hawkes
Jared (segment "Soul Man")
Patsy Kensit
(segment "Soul Man")
Wendie Malick
Maggie (segment "Soul Man")
James Marsters
Mitch (segment "Soul Man")
Lindsay Sloane
Lara (segment "Instant Karma")
Peter Strauss
Ben Stanton (segment "Soul Man")
Vincent Gale
Chris (segment "Cold Turkey")
Ron Halder
Bryce (segment "Cold Turkey")
Joshua B. Hamlin
Dealer (segment "Cold Turkey")
Terry Howson
Cop (segment "Cold Turkey")
Jennifer Anne Lee
Reporter #3 (segment "Cold Turkey")
David MacKay
Doctor (segment "Cold Turkey")
Drew McGreadie
Reporter #2 (segment "Cold Turkey")
Bill Mitchell
Cabbie (segment "Cold Turkey")
Robert Moloney
Pete (segment "Cold Turkey")
Frederick Pleasure II
Guard (segment "Cold Turkey")
Kelly Dean Sereda
Brett (segment "Cold Turkey")
Camille Sullivan
Waitress (segment "Cold Turkey")
Norma Jean Wick
Reporter #1 (segment "Cold Turkey")
Marrett Green
Political Analyst (segment "Don't Stop Believin")
Emily Holmes
Denise (segment "Don't Stop Believin")
Tongo Ma
Nurse (segment "Don't Stop Believin")
Kevin McNulty
Ross van Horn (segment "Don't Stop Believin")
Suzette Meyers
New Anchor (segment "Don't Stop Believin")
Jim Shield
Ebbetts (segment "Don't Stop Believin")
Mark Acheson
Roadie (segment "Instant Karma")
Madeline Brown
Fanatic #2 (segment "Instant Karma")
Chris Cound
Johnny (segment "Instant Karma")
Keith Dallas
Security Guard (segment "Instant Karma")
Luan Davidson
Dancer #3 (segment "Instant Karma")
Glenn Ennis
Cop #2 (segment "Instant Karma")
Laura Failows
Angie (segment "Instant Karma")
Emilia Symington Fedy
Fanatic #1 (segment "Instant Karma")
Kaja Gjesdal
Dancer #1 (segment "Instant Karma")
Alexandra Hansen
Dancer #2 (segment "Instant Karma")
Jody-Kay Marklew
Groupie #1 (segment "Instant Karma")
Reese McBeth
Randall (segment "Instant Karma")
Charles Payne
Cop #1 (segment "Instant Karma")
Cory Trippell
Groupie #2 (segment "Instant Karma")
Martin Budny
Andy (segment "Soul Man")
Damon Johnson
Sam (segment "Soul Man")
Andrew Johnston
Reg (segment "Soul Man")
Byron Lucas
Jason Armstrong (segment "Soul Man")
Donny James Lucas
Hippie Guitarist (segment "Soul Man") (as Donny Lucas)
Stefanie von Pfetten
Nichole (segment "Soul Man")
Did you know?
This movie is made up of four episodes of the TV series Strange Frequency (2001).
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Host: It's funny how a song can take you back. You hear the first few notes and suddenly you're transported back to your high school prom, your wedding night, or the worst day of your life. If only we knew then what we know now.
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Host: This small-time thinking has to stop. You have to believe in your talent.
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