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81 min | 84 min (extended version)
Comedy | Crime
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Francine McDougall
Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-01-26
Filming Locations: Anoka High School - 3939 Seventh Avenue N., Anoka, Minnesota, USA
Budget: $11,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,891,176 (USA) (28 January 2001)
Gross: $13,276,953 (USA) (4 March 2001)
Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari
Sugar & Spice
Marla Sokoloff
Marla Sokoloff
Sugar & Spice
Marley Shelton
Diane Weston
Melissa George
Cleo Miller
Rachel Blanchard
Hannah Wald
Alexandra Holden
Fern Rogers
Sara Marsh
Lucy Whitman
James Marsden
Jack Bartlett
Sean Young
Mrs. Hill
W. Earl Brown
Hank 'Terminator' Rogers
Adam Busch
Geeky Guy
Jake Hoffman
Nate Maher
David Belenky
Kevin Kling
Factory Worker
Dave Quimby
Apartment Manager
Jacy King
Food Valley Cashier (as Jacy Dumermuth)
Wiley Harker
Principal Smith
Stevie Ray Rentfrow
Mr. Dennis Weston
Kirsten Frantzich
Mrs. DeeDee Weston
Christopher Denton
Mr. Ed Bartlett
Jan Puffer
Mrs. Edna Bartlett
Claudia Wilkens
Kansas' Grandmother
Jeff Hopkins
Police Officer
Kevin Joseph Klein
FBI Agent
Jeremy Kent Jackson
Football Player #1
Jamison Haase
Football Player #2
Jessie Schoen
Butch Girl
Susan Fuller
Bank Loan Officer
Andy Hubbell
Katie Kelly
Ann Kellog
Isabell O'Connor
Inmate #1 (as Isabell Monk)
Miriam Must
Itchy, Inmate #2
Jennifer Snell
Inmate #3
Andrea Guilford
Lamaze Instructor
Bonnie Benjamin-Olson
Lunch Lady
Matt Guidry
Male Reporter
Li Ning
Dim Sum Charlie
Laura Anderson
Average Girl (as Laura McKinley Anderson)
Cassie Fox
Another Average Girl
Kurt Loder
Jerry Springer
Paul Cram
Fickle Video Renter (uncredited)
Frank Crandell
Shop Teacher (uncredited)
Dom Davis
Baseball Fan (uncredited)
Devon A Early
High School Student (uncredited)
Brooke Engen
Video Update Customer (uncredited)
Tiffany Engen
Video Update Customer (uncredited)
Kristen Hirsch Montag
Football Fan (uncredited)
Eric Karros
Himself (uncredited)
Diane Kelson
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Anne Metcalfe
Crowd (uncredited)
Josh Minnie
Football Fan (uncredited)
Exandrea Pitts
Inmate (uncredited)
Ross Porter
Himself (uncredited)
Shelly A. Tanning
Wendy the Masked Doll (uncredited)
Joel Thingvall
Video Update Manager (uncredited)
Mike Wielinski
Video Update Customer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The characters of Jack and Diane seem to be named after the fictional characters of John Mellencamp's song: "Jack and Diane".
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References are made to the films Backdraft (1991) and Scream (1996), both staring W. Earl Brown, who plays the Terminator in this film.
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When Conan O'Brien was told that the character of Cleo was to be obsessed with him, he happily agreed to pose for a picture with Melissa George in character. A still photograph of O'Brien and Cleo is shown during the closing credits.
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When the girls are in the doctor's office for Diane's ultrasound, one of the girls starts moving the wand over Diane's belly, looking at the images on the screen. There is no conducting jelly on Diane, so there should be nothing showing up on the screen.
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When the girls are in the bathroom before the pep rally, the bow in Diane's hair is blue. When we see the girls doing their cheer at the pep rally, the bow in Diane's hair is red.
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The shot of Eric Karros hitting the home run takes place in Shea Stadium in New York but the ball lands in the bleacher seats in Wrigley Field in Chicago.
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Mrs. Hill: You don't look nothing like your picture.
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Lucy Whitman: You just became a statistic.
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Diane: You know, even the most beautiful flowers still grow from dirt. And we may be knee-deep in it right now, but we're gonna grow strong from this.
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