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112 min
Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
J.J. Abrams
11 wins & 53 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-06-10
Filming Locations: Agua Dulce, California, USA
Budget: $50,000,000
Opening Weekend: $35,451,168 (USA) (12 June 2011)
Gross: $127,004,179 (USA) (29 September 2011)
Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning
Super 8
Joel Courtney
Joe Lamb
Jessica Tuck
Mrs. Kaznyk
Joel McKinnon Miller
Mr. Kaznyk
Ryan Lee
Zach Mills
Riley Griffiths
Charles Kaznyk
Gabriel Basso
Kyle Chandler
Deputy Jackson Lamb
Ron Eldard
Louis Dainard
AJ Michalka
Jen Kaznyk
Andrew Miller
Kaznyk Twin
Jakob Miller
Kaznyk Twin
Jade Griffiths
Benji Kaznyk
Britt Flatmo
Peg Kaznyk
Glynn Turman
Dr. Woodward
Noah Emmerich
Colonel Nelec
Richard T. Jones
Amanda Foreman
Lydia Connors - Ch 14 News Anchor
David Gallagher
Brett Rice
Sheriff Pruitt
Michael Giacchino
Deputy Crawford
Beau Knapp
Bruce Greenwood
Dale Dickey
Jack Axelrod
Mr. Blakely
Dan Castellaneta
Ben Gavin
Deputy Milner
Jay Scully
Deputy Skadden
Michael Hitchcock
Deputy Rosko
James Landry Hébert
Deputy Tally (as James Hebert)
Thomas F. Duffy
Teri Clark
Mrs. Babbit (as Teri Clark Linden)
Tom Quinn
Mr. McCandless
Kate Yerves
Woman in Office (as Katherine Yerves)
Caitriona Balfe
Elizabeth Lamb
Koa Melvin
Baby Joe
Tom Williams
Flame Thrower
Bingo O'Malley
Mr. Harkin
Tony Guma
Sergeant Walters
Robert B. Quiroz
Boy in EVAC
Jason Brooks
Air Force Security
Tim Griffin
Marco Sanchez
Emerson Brooks
Military Bus Driver
Jonathan Dixon
Airman Nevil
Patrick St. Esprit
Weapons Commander
Greg Grunberg
Sitcom Actor
Katie Lowes
Daniel Aldema
Michael Guy Allen
Military Personnel (uncredited)
Steven Andrews
82nd Airborne Trooper (uncredited)
Graham Clarke
Airforce Airman Korne (uncredited)
Andrew Constantini
National Guard (uncredited)
Matthew Crawley
Airforce Airman Taylor (uncredited)
Walter Cronkite
Himself - CBS News Anchor (archive footage) (uncredited)
Mike DeMille
Urgent Man (uncredited)
Mel Fair
Local News Reporter (uncredited)
Brandon Hirsch
Air Force Airman (uncredited)
Danielle Laudise
Scared Pretty Girl in the Bus (uncredited)
Sara Lindsey
Citizen (uncredited)
Bill Martin
Military Personnel (uncredited)
Scott A. Martin
Sal (uncredited)
Tiffany Sander McKenzie
Town Hall Citizen (uncredited)
Jake McLaughlin
Merrit (uncredited)
Alex Nevil
Rick (uncredited)
Missing Dog (uncredited)
Tom Shafer
Town Hall Citizen #3 (uncredited)
Zoltan Zilai
Military Personnel (uncredited)
Did you know?
J.J. Abrams:  [Kelvin]  The gasoline station on the outskirts of town is named Kelvin Gasoline. Kelvin was the name of J.J. Abrams' grandfather. Abrams commonly uses this name in his work, such as "Kelvin Inman" from Lost (2004) and the USS Kelvin from Star Trek (2009).
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The green Air Force fatigues with the blue name tapes and blue insignia are correct for the 1970s era the movie portrays. The utility uniform would later change to the jungle then desert BDU.
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The first teaser for the film was shot by cinematographer Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan's frequent collaborator, months before principal photography began. Larry Fong was later brought aboard for the actual shoot.
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The Creature from the Black Lagoon figure seen being played with in the film (Benji Kaznyk's toy at 43:40) was not produced until the mid 1990s.
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The 'four months later' scene (at around 7 mins) when the kids film their movie at the depot takes place after school is out - presumably late May or early June 1979. However, the TV in the background has Walter Cronkite talking about the Three Mile Island accident (at around 28 mins), which took place March 28, 1979.
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When Joe and Cary are running through the tunnel with a sparkler in Joe's right hand (1:30:45 to 1:30:47), the sparkler in the next shot is in his left hand (at around 1h 30 mins).
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Preston: According to my Uncle Seth, an accident like this is exceptionally rare.
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Martin: Am I the only one here who doesn't know what we're talking about?
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Mrs. Kaznyk: I'm so worried for that boy.
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In what year does the story take place?
The date on the gravestone of Joe Lamb's (Joel Courtney) mother reads February 1979, and the actual story takes place about four months later, so it would be early summer 1979.
Is "Super 8" based on a book?
No. Super 8 is based on an original script by director J.J. Abrams.
Does the teaser trailer appear in the film?
In May 2010, a teaser trailer was released in early support of the film. The trailer shows a truck speeding down a dirt road and riding onto train tracks. After causing a train crash, one heavily enforced train car is shown being broken from the inside and we see the door blown off. In the final film, these events are shown but not from the same perspective. Instead the same scene is seen from the limited view of the main character. Not as much of the truck is seen until it is on the tracks. Likewise, the main character only sees the backside of the train car that is smashed from inside.
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