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Ryôji Fujiwara
Country: Japan
Release Date: 1981-10-09
Billie Lou Watt
Christopher 'Chris' Peeper / ... (52 episodes, 1982-1983)
Ray Owens
Professor Fred Peeper / ... (52 episodes, 1982-1983)
Sonia Owens
Joy / ... (52 episodes, 1982-1983)
Helena Van Koert
Lionel G. Wilson
Additional Voices / ... (24 episodes, 1982-1983)
Did you know?
In the original Japanese version, the talking "Superbook" was referred to as "Timebook".
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Sibling series to The Flying House (1982), which had aired between the two shows.
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The series had started out in Japan as two different shows: The first season was known as "Anime Oyako Gekijo" (Animated Parent and Child Theatre), and featured stories mainly from the Old Testament (but a few on Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul), as seen by Chris and his friend Joy and the robot Gizmo (a clockwork toy robot). The Book in this season was portrayed as magical, and able to talk.The second season was known as "Pasokon Toraberu Tanteidan" (Personal Computer Travel Detectives), and featured along with Old Testament tales an original plot: the search for Chris' dog Ruffles who went missing within the Book. Chris' cousin Uriah now traveled with the second Gizmo (a more sophisticated, competent robot) into the book, while Chris and Joy themselves were relegated to supporting roles. The Book in this season was now connected to a computer, displaying its stories on a monitor, and was shown only for a few moments on the first episode of this season.
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Although Mrs. Peeper announces that she is pregnant in the end of Season 1, Chris does not have any sibling in Season 2.
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