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154 min
Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
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Bryan Singer
Nominated for Oscar. Another 11 wins & 26 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-06-28
Filming Locations: Cnr Auckland & King Streets Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Budget: $209,000,000
Opening Weekend: $52,535,096 (USA) (2 July 2006)
Gross: $200,069,408 (USA) (29 October 2006)
Peta Wilson
Peta Wilson
Superman Returns
Brandon Routh
Clark Kent
Kate Bosworth
Lois Lane
Kevin Spacey
Lex Luthor
James Marsden
Richard White
Parker Posey
Kitty Kowalski
Frank Langella
Perry White
Sam Huntington
Jimmy Olsen
Eva Marie Saint
Martha Kent
Marlon Brando
Kal Penn
Tristan Lake Leabu
Jason White
David Fabrizio
Ian Roberts
Vincent Stone
Jack Larson
Bo the Bartender
Noel Neill
Gertrude Vanderworth
James Karen
Ben Hubbard
Stephan Bender
15-Year-Old Clark
Jeff Truman
Barbara Angell
Ian Bliss
Shuttle Commander
Ansuya Nathan
Shuttle Pilot
Richard Branson
Shuttle Engineer (as Sir Richard Branson)
Sam Branson
Shuttle Specialist
Warwick Young
777 Co-Pilot
Bradd Buckley
777 Navigator
Bill Young
Mission Control Flight Director
Thomas Stewart
Mission Control Navigator
David Webb
Mission Control Officer
Patricia Howson
Museum Guard
Mirren Lee
Vanderworth Relative
Steve Ostrow
Vanderworth Relative (as Stephen Ostrow)
Hank Roberts
Vanderworth Relative
Karina Bracken
Hospital Ward Nurse
Raelee Hill
Hospital Nurse
Lee James
Michael Duggan
Keegan Joyce
Boy with Camera
Frederique Fouche
French News Anchor (as Frederique Fouché)
Julian Pulvermacher
German Anchor
Rebecca Barratt
German Reporter
Penelope Heath
Sydney Reporter
Ted Maynard
News Anchor #1
Ed Wightman
News Anchor #2 / Hospital Reporter #4
Prue Lewarne
News Anchor #3
Paul Shedlowich
News Anchor #4
Barry Quin
News Anchor #5
Francine Bell
News Anchor #6
Genevieve Davis
Reporter at Deli
Adrian Jarrett
Deli Robber
Marcello Fabrizi
British Talk Show Host
Donald McDonald
British Scientist (as Donald MacDonald)
Robert Meyer Burnett
Cape Canaveral Reporter
Terrell Dixon
Hospital Policeman
Duff Watkins
Sergeant at Hospital
Narelle Valentine
Hospital Reporter #1
Rebecca Rocheford Davies
Hospital Reporter #2
Wayne McDaniel
Hospital Reporter #3
Lisa Harrison
Hospital Reporter #5
Gerry Sont
Hospital Reporter #6 (as Gerard Sont)
Rohan Michael
Hospital Reporter #7
Karen Pang
Hospital Reporter #8
Monique Dykstra
Administration Nurse
Kevin Fisher
Security Guard #1
John Lucantonio
Security Guard #2
Rob Flanagan
Bank Gunner
Phillip Henry
Police Sharp Shooter
Henry Browne
Taxi Driver
Darin Rossi
Home Plate Umpire
Aaron Chato
Boy with Dog
Alison Araya
Actor (uncredited)
Andrew Cole
Metropolis Museum Patron (uncredited)
Michael Dougherty
Student #1 at Metropolis Museum
Dan Ewing
Uni Student (uncredited)
Dan Harris
Student #2 at Metropolis Museum (uncredited)
Darren K. Hawkins
Metropolis Citizen (uncredited)
Yutaka Izumihara
Japanese Presenter (uncredited)
Angela Johnson
Daily Planet Office Worker
Sally Kimpton
Party-goer (uncredited)
Lara Lukich
Actor (uncredited)
Tony Newton
Metropolis Hospital Head Doctor (uncredited)
Courtney Powell
Metropolis Citizen (uncredited)
Bobby Roe
Ravens Baseball Player (uncredited)
Brett Schroeder
Crowd Extra (uncredited)
Roger Sciberras
Daily Planet Reporter
Jennifer Sciole
EMT (uncredited)
Suzie Steen
Hospital Reporter #1 (uncredited)
Taris Tyler
Daily Planet Reporter
Rajan Velu
Paramedic No. 2
Gordon Waddell
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Emma Whittaker
Running Girl (uncredited)
Robert Zurobski
Daily Planet Reporter
Did you know?
Brandon Routh, who plays Superman, is two years younger than Tom Welling, who plays the teenage version of the same character on the TV series Smallville (2001).
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In an interview on Larry King Live (1985), director Bryan Singer said that had he not had access to John Williams' original music, he would not have done the film.
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Promotional material was shipped to cinemas in the UK under the title "Red Sun".
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When Superman follows the initial fault line back to Metropolis, the "Metropolis Pier" sign is reversed.
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After Superman places the plane on the ground, the flight attendant's glasses go from crooked to straight and back between shots.
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Inconsistencies with Superman, Superman II, Superman III, and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace are not being counted as goofs. Bryan Singer stated that Superman Returns ignores the latter two film and is a loose sequel to the concepts of the first two, with chronology and other story details adjusted. Therefore IMDB is treating this film as a separate entity.
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Lex Luthor: This crystal may seem unremarkable, but then so is the seed of a redwood tree. It's how our mutual friend in tights made his Arctic getaway spot. Cute, but a little small for my taste.
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Grant: Brutus is... dead. He got hit with the piano.
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Lois Lane: How many "f's" in "catastrophic"?
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How did Richard, Lois and Jason find Superman in that vast body of water after he fell off the cliff?
Jason spotted him. Remember the hurled piano? Jason was just beginning to discover his powers because of the stress from watching Brutus try to kill his mother. It's reasonable to assume that the super vision of his father would begin to take effect too, enabling him to spot Superman from the plane.
Why does Superman's suit not get damaged when he is hit by various objects?
In the original Superman movies, based on the silver age comic book superhero, Superman's costume was woven from blankets that arrived with him in the rocket that brought him from Krypton. His boots, belt and so on were crafted from other parts of the rocket, such as the upholstery, safety harness, etc. Under the Earth's yellow sun, they became invulnerable, just as he does. Later comics introduced the idea that a natural bio-electric aura accounts for part of Superman's invulnerability acting like a natural force field mere millimeters from his skin, this accounts why his costume (made of normal materials in these comics) is often protected. It was common in the newer comics for Superman's cape, not close enough to his body to be protected by the aura, to be torn to shreds during his activities. During Superman Returns, no damage is shown to occur to his cape, leading to speculation that the movie uses the earlier costume premise. It seems that a doctor or nurse yanks his suit top from his chest when he enters the emergency room. However the doctor is heard saying "here it is" immediately prior to removing the suit top, indicating that he found some kind of zipper or quick-release fastener.
Is "Superman Returns" a sequel to Superman II?
Superman Returns has what has been described as a "loose continuity" with Superman and Superman II in that it re-establishes Donner's Superman continuity for a modern audience, so some consider it to be a sequel. The reason for re-establishing the continuity has to do with the large gap of time between this film and the first two installments. Director Bryan Singer felt it was necessary to refresh the audience's memory, as well as honor Donner's work, by including similar situations and dialog amidst new plot elements that set the film apart as its own. It was also meant as a passing of the torch to Singer and the cast and to provide closure to the older stories. There are numerous references to the original 1978 film in particular, although the continuity is not exact upon close scrutiny and, of course, all roles except Marlon Brando as Jor-El have been recast (though Glenn Ford does appear in a photo of Jonathan Kent on the mantle). In the final two Christopher Reeve installments, Martha Kent is deceased, creating one major breach of continuity between the third and fourth installments and the Bryan Singer film. The film is meant to have taken place after the second film, however, and discounts the "history" established in the third and fourth installments (Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace).
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