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89 min
Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Jonathan Mostow
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-09-25
Filming Locations: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Budget: $80,000,000
Opening Weekend: $14,902,692 (USA) (27 September 2009)
Gross: $38,542,418 (USA) (29 November 2009)
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Helena Mattsson
Helena Mattsson
Bruce Willis
Radha Mitchell
Boris Kodjoe
James Francis Ginty
James Cromwell
Older Canter
Ving Rhames
The Prophet
Jack Noseworthy
Devin Ratray
Michael Cudlitz
Colonel Brendon
Jeffrey De Serrano
Michael Phillip
Uniformed Cop
Danny F Smith
Brian A. Parrish
Hard Hat
Jennifer Alden
Shane Dzicek
Jared Canter
Andrew Haserlat
Undergrad #1
Justin Goodrich
Undergrad #2
Lisa Hernandez
Female Newscaster
Kirk Hawkins
Male Newscaster
Rachel Sterling
Meta Golding
Female Counsel
Taylor Cole
Female Lawyer
Jordan Belfi
Victor Welch
J.L. Highsmith
Nicholas Purcell
Pulaski / Commando
Max Murphy
Victor Webster
David Klefeker
Dorothy Brodesser
Female Dread
Valerie Azlynn
Michael O'Toole
Chad Williams
Mike Randy
Tyson Eberly
40% Off
Michael DeMello
Gate Guard
Ron Murphy
Genevieve Johnson
Older Woman
David Conley
Bruce-Robert Serafin
Bud (as Bruce Serafin)
Cody Christian
Boy Canter
Ian Novick
Todd Cahoon
Ella Thomas
Gabriel Olds
Agent #1
Eamon Brooks
Agent #2
Rodney Weber
FBI Guard
De'Lon Grant
Matthew Souris
Trevor Donovan
Surrie /
Brock Gloor
Riot Agent
Rick Malambri
Paul Richard Yarborough
Human Sniper (as Paul Shafer)
Christine Mascott
Big Woman
Ari Mostow
Kid #1
Nathan Mostow
Kid #2
Taylar Eliza
Receptionist (as Taylar Bunts)
Edward McCabe
Controller / Commando
Anya Monzikova
Beautiful Woman
Brett Ainslie
Riot Agent (uncredited)
Melissa Barker
Surrogate (uncredited)
Greg Berney
Surrogate (uncredited)
Nicole Burch
Surrogate (uncredited)
Shannon Carter
Surrogate (uncredited)
Chemi Che-Mponda
Dread (uncredited)
Desiree April Connolly
Dred (uncredited)
Shannon Mary Dixon
Surrogate (uncredited)
Shawn Fogarty
Human (uncredited)
Victor Franko
Surrogate at Club (uncredited)
Sari Gagnon
Surrogate (uncredited)
Una Green
Surrogate (uncredited)
Barbara Guertin
Mourner - Dred (uncredited)
London Hall
Dread (uncredited)
Quincy Heath
Commando (uncredited)
Haley Higgins
Surrogate (uncredited)
Jordan Johnson
Surrogate (uncredited)
Stanis Johnson
Surrogate (uncredited)
Kate Jurdi
Surrogate (uncredited)
Haytham Kandil
Surrogate (uncredited)
Petar Kirilov
Surrogate (uncredited)
David A. Kirsch
Dread (uncredited)
Anne Lockhart
Nightclub Guest / Computer Voice (uncredited)
Evalena Marie
Surrogate Punk on Train (uncredited)
Dan Marshall
Dread at Funeral & Helicopter Crash Scenes (uncredited)
Robert Masiello
Dread (uncredited)
Adam Masnyk
Sgt. Davis (uncredited)
Rana Morrison
Ali (uncredited)
Jason Mulcahy
Surrogate (uncredited)
Robert Nuzzie
FBI Agent (uncredited)
Valerie Parker
Surrogate (uncredited)
Dominic Prietto
Dead Surrogate Under Car (uncredited)
Ali Raymer
Surrogate (uncredited)
Derrick Redford
Perfect Surrogate
Baylee Ricci
Surrogate (uncredited)
Floyd Richardson
Dr. Seth Steinberg (uncredited)
Amanda Salinas
Surrogate Robot (uncredited)
Johnny Serret
Surrogate (uncredited)
Joe Sobalo Jr.
Emergency Medical Technician (uncredited)
Vyvian B. Stevens
Dread / Human (uncredited)
Mike Wendt
Surrogate (uncredited)
Jamie Christopher White
Dread Prophet (uncredited)
Did you know?
Jonathan Mostow's first film since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003).
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Hanna Hilton:  The porn actress appears as Female Robot.
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The unusual shoulder patch worn by Colonel Brendon is the 26th Infantry Division. A former division of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, it has been deactivated since 1993. The insignia is actually a stylized "YD", for their nickname, "The Yankee Division".
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When Peters is being chased by the car and jumps off the phone booth to the building and back to the street, the actress is wearing high-heeled pumps, but the stunt-woman is obviously wearing athletic flats. This is seen again when she jumps onto the bus.
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When Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell's characters look at the destroyed surrogates, the cop tells them they should go talk to the owners. The next shot is an over head of the Zakim Bridge, but the angle shows the TD Bank Garden on the right side implying they are headed south on the bridge. The Zakim is located north of Fort Point Channel, thus, you wouldn't ever travel southbound if you're leaving Fort Point Channel. The Channel is a body of water that borders South Boston.
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Many of the soldiers in the film are wearing the Army Combat Uniform (the digital gray fatigues) turtleneck style. The ACU is only worn with the collar up under body armor, to keep the armor's ballistic throat guard from chafing a soldier's neck. When worn by itself, the ACU's collar is folded down, resembling an open collar shirt with lapels.
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The Prophet: Look at yourselves. Unplug from your chairs, get up and look in the mirror. What you see is how God made you. We're not meant to experience the world through a machine.
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Older Canter: I changed the course of human history when I created surrogates. Now I'm going to change it back.
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Male Newscaster: Still no official word on when, or if, surrogate services can be restored. It appears, at least for now that we are on our own.
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How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for Surrogates can be found here.
If this is in the future, how come there are only modern vehicles?
This could be attributed to the fact that the movie never states a specific year. This would mean that this movie could have been set in present day 2009-2010, and when it says 14 years ago it would have meant 1996. Just because this movie features futuristic technology doesn't mean that they couldn't have set this movie in an "alternate universe" where this kind of technology was developed in 1996. If this was the case then having a 2008 Chevy Malibu chasing a surrogate down the street would fit and make perfect sense.
Why did Greer have to come out without a surrogate?
Three reasons: First, the FBI appeared to be funding his surrogates, and since he was on suspension, refused to buy him a new one. Second, the weapon nearly killed him through his first surrogate, and the only way to avoid it was to not use a surrogate. Third, he knew the assassin was hiding out in a Dread Reservation, so the only way in was without a surrogate.
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