Sword of Sherwood Forest
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Sword of Sherwood Forest

80 min
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Terence Fisher
Country: UK
Release Date: 1961-01-25
Filming Locations: Ardmore Studios, Herbert Road, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
Richard Greene
Robin Hood
Peter Cushing
Sheriff of Nottingham
Niall MacGinnis
Friar Tuck
Richard Pasco
Edward, Earl of Newark
Jack Gwillim
Archbishop of Canterbury Hubert Walter
Sarah Branch
Maid Marian Fitzwalter
Nigel Green
Little John
Vanda Godsell
The Prioress
Edwin Richfield
The Sheriff's Lieutenant
Charles Lamb
Old Bowyer
Dennis Lotis
Alan A'Dale
Jack Cooper
Master of Archery (uncredited)
Patrick Crean
Lord Ollerton (uncredited)
Barry De Boulay
Officer (uncredited)
John Franklin
Archbishop's Adjutant (uncredited)
Aiden Grennell
1st Veteran Outlaw (uncredited)
Maureen Halligan
Portress (uncredited)
Reginald Hearne
1st Man of Arms (uncredited)
John Hoey
Old Jack (uncredited)
Adam Keane
Retford (uncredited)
Desmond Llewelyn
Wounded Fugitive (uncredited)
Anew McMaster
Judge (uncredited)
Derren Nesbitt
Martin of Eastwood, merry man (uncredited)
James Neylin
Roger, a merry man (uncredited)
Brian Rawlinson
1st Falconer (uncredited)
Paddy Ryan
Robin's Merry Man in Tree
Did you know?
The movie as we now have it is without its original opening sequence, which was cut; apparently, it depicted the Lord being murdered while on crusade and his squire fleeing to Sherwood Forest on his horse. As it is, the movie now opens with him riding into the forest on horseback and his identity is never revealed.
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Desmond Llewelyn, Nigel Green, Richard Pasco, Brian Rawlinson, Charles Lamb and Ivor Collin all appeared in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955) while Terence Fisher directed eleven episodes of the series.
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Oliver Reed's voice is not heard; he's dubbed throughout by another (anonymous) actor attempting to sound like Reed's normal voice. Reed's own voice is heard in the film's trailer, where he adopts a very camp lisping French accent.
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When Robin takes the cup of water up to Lord Melton, he is without his bow. But the bow is in his hand when he returns to Friar Tuck.
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Friar Tuck's journey from Sherwood to Bawtry was done in the day; excellent timing as the journey is 68 miles there and back.
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It is fairly obvious that the film was made in Ireland and that much of the smaller part casting was done there; the people in the inn in Bawtry and the nuns in the priory all spoke with Irish accents.
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Oliver Reed