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Tailspin Tommy

248 min (12 episodes)
Action | Drama | Crime
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Lew Landers
Country: USA
Release Date: 1934-10-29
Maurice Murphy
Tailspin Tommy Tompkins
Noah Beery Jr.
Skeeter Milligan
Patricia Farr
Betty Lou Barnes
Walter Miller
Bruce Hoyt
Grant Withers
Milt Howe
Charles A. Browne
Paul Smith
Bryant Washburn
Mr. Grant - Film Director of 'Midnight Patrol', Chs. 10-12
Belle Daube
Mrs. Martha Tompkins, Tommy's Mother - Chs. 1, 12
John Davidson
Wade 'Tiger' Taggart
Harrison Greene
Air Circus Announcer [Ch. 2]
William Desmond
Sloane - Taggart's Office Henchman, Chs. 4, 7, 10-11
Lew Kelly
Victor Martin - Three Point Airport Dispatcher
John Ince
Eric Peabody [Chs. 3-5]
Lee Beggs
Deacon Grimes [Chs. 1,12]
Ethan Laidlaw
Bart Dirk, Henchman
Dennis Moore
Pilot Herb Slack (as Denny Meadows)
Edmund Cobb
Pilot 'Speed' Walton
Jack Leonard
Al, Skinny Mechanic
Monte Montague
Cliff, Hefty Mechanic
Rita Rozelle
Mary Dale - Actress in 'Midnight Patrol', Ch. 10
Beulah Hutton
Sloane's Ambassador Club Date
Jimmy Grier
Jimmy Grier- Orchestra Leader, from Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (1932) (archive footage)
Dennis O'Keefe
Dance Extra, from Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (1932) (archive footage)
Dee Swaney
King Baggot
Airplane Inspector [Ch. 1] (uncredited)
Walter Brennan
Hospital Orderly Slugged by Skeeter [Ch. 8] (uncredited)
Lynton Brent
Jack Bradley (uncredited)
Don Brodie
Man at Airport with Automobile [Ch. 9] (uncredited)
Horace B. Carpenter
Postmaster Jed Purdy [Chs. 1, 12] (uncredited)
Richard Cramer
Kelly (archive footage) (uncredited)
Anne Darling
Nurse [Ch. 8] (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing
2nd Whistle-blowing Policeman (archive footage) (uncredited)
George DeNormand
George - Denver Official, Ch. 6 (uncredited)
Walter Fabian
Bevan (uncredited)
Al Ferguson
Henchman Curly - Chs. 3-7, 9 (uncredited)
Richard Fryer
Fryer - Midnight Patrol Movie Cameraman, Chs. 10-12 (uncredited)
Chester Gan
Flapjack - the Cook, Ch. 1 (uncredited)
William Gould
Sheriff of Starbuck [Ch. 11] (uncredited)
Pat Harmon
El Paso Official - Ch. 6 (uncredited)
Otto Hoffman
Dr. Krantz, Chemist [Ch. 4-5] (uncredited)
Lois January
Mrs. Grant - L.A. Film Premiere, Ch. 12 (uncredited)
Tiny Jones
Wardrobe Woman, Venture Pictures (uncredited)
Jack 'Tiny' Lipson
Hefty Extra in Cafe [Ch. 5] (uncredited)
George Magrill
Henchman Bailey [Chs. 4, 6-7] (uncredited)
Jack Mower
Police Captain Jones [Ch. 12] (uncredited)
Charles Murphy
Henchman-Mechanic Grease Rowley / Train Flagman (uncredited)
Bud Osborne
Pug Nelson. Henchman-Mechanic (uncredited)
Rose Plumer
Mother's Train Companion [Chs. 11-12] (uncredited)
Dick Rush
Posse Sheriff [Ch. 5] (uncredited)
Slim Whitaker
Henchman Charlie - Chs. 6-7 (uncredited)
Jane Withers
Mary Elizabeth (uncredited)
William Worthington
Denver Doctor [Ch. 6] (uncredited)
Did you know?
The first of two Universal Pictures serials and four Monogram Pictures feature films based on Hal Forrest's syndicated comic strip.
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Chapter Titles: 1. Death Flies the Mail2. The Mail Goes Through3. Sky Bandits4. The Copper Room5. The Night Flight6. The Baited Trap7. Tommy to the Rescue8. The Thrill of Death9. The Earth Gods Roar10. Death at the Controls11. Rushing Waters12. Littleville's Big Day
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