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877 min (10 parts)
Drama | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 7 wins & 18 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-12-02
Filming Locations: Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada
Dakota Fanning
Allie Keys
Matt Frewer
Dr. Chet Wakeman
Emily Bergl
Lisa Clarke - Adult
Heather Donahue
Mary Crawford - Adult
Joel Gretsch
Colonel Owen Crawford
Adam Kaufman
Charlie Keys - Adult
John Hawkes
Captain Marty Erickson
Ryan Hurst
Tom Clarke - Adult
Camille Sullivan
Nina Toth - Adult
Did you know?
The WW2 bombing sequence in episode one was created using NewTek's "Lightwave 3D". The image of Germany was actually a spy photo taken from WW2.
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The series takes place from August 1944 to December 2002.
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In the first episode character Sally Clarke gives the Alien "John" one of her lone star earrings to take with him back into space and she keeps the other. If you look closely in episode 2, when Russell Keys returns home for the first time in ten years, there is a Christmas star decoration behind character Bill, as he stands in the doorway telling Russell to go away, that is made to look exactly like the earrings.
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At the end of the opening credits of each of the ten episodes, Allie is seen writing left-handed. However, in the close-up of her hand, she is writing right-handed.
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In the episode "Maintenance," Jesse looks at a newspaper that has a headline "Ambassador to El Salvador disagrees with Pentagon". However, the story carries a byline of "New Delhi" and talks about a meeting between the prime ministers of India and Pakistan. It also mentions "Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee", even though the scene takes place in 1980 and Vajpayee would not become PM of India until 20 years later.
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The map in Crawford's Groom Lake office shows a post-Cold War world, while the scene took place in early 1959.
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Eric Crawford: What did you expect? You wouldn't let me be someone else
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Allison Clarke: Even when we know we'll never find the answers, we have to keep on asking questions.
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Capt. Owen Crawford: You're the sun and the moon to me. The sun and the moon.
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