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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

93 min
Adventure | Comedy | Music | Musical
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Liam Lynch
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-11-22
Filming Locations: Halfway House Café - 15564 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $3,234,879 (USA) (24 November 2006)
Gross: $8,319,186 (USA) (31 December 2006)
Amy Adams
Jack Black
Kyle Gass
JR Reed
Ronnie James Dio
Paul F. Tompkins
Open Mic Host
Troy Gentile
Lil' JB
Ned Bellamy
Security Guard
Fred Armisen
Security Guard
Kirk Ward
Car Chase Cop / Gang Leader
Tim Robbins
The Stranger
Dave Grohl
Ben Stiller
Guitar Center Guy
Lara Everly
Brittany Eldridge
Melissa-Anne Davenport
John Ennis
Gang Member
V.J. Foster
Gang Member
Jay Johnston
Gang Member
Christopher 'C. Minus' Rivas
DJ (as Christopher 'C-Minus' Rivas)
Colin Hanks
Drunk Frat Dude
Stephanie Erb
Al's Bar Waitress
Milos Milicevic
Tattooed Biker
Molly Bryant
Ecstatic Woman
Michael Rivkin
Poopy Guy
Gregg Turkington
Stand Up Comic (as Neil Hamburger)
Patrick M. Walsh
Exploding Head Guy
Bevin Kaye
Fainting Woman
Evie Peck
KG's Mother
Mason Knight
Young KG
Erik Walker
Dean Marchiano
Cynthia Ettinger
Betty Black
Andrew Caldwell
Billy Black
Laura Milligan
Tarot Card Reader (as Laura Ann Milligan)
David Krumholtz
Frat Boy 2
Meat Loaf
Bud Black (uncredited)
David Pearl
Concert Goer (uncredited)
John C. Reilly
Simone Turkington
Writhing Girl (uncredited)
Did you know?
There are two references to other songs "Sasquatch" and "Tribute". Jack mentions in search of Sasquatch as being on TV. when in KG's home and on of the first lines of Sasquatch is "In search of Sasquatch - That was a kick ass In search of..." Tribute is referenced at the end when JB and KG can't remember the song they just sang, hence writing "Tribute" to tribute the song.
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One of the mannequins in the Classic Rock room is a David Bowie persona.
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In the hallway of the Rock Museum you can see a big Foo Fighters sign. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters plays Satan.
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When KG and JB are driving, especially during the chase scene, it is very obvious that the car is on a trailer and being towed and not actually being driven. When the background shows that the car is pulling over to the curb, or turning, the wheel stays straight and does not rotate.
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When the duo's car jumps the car between the police cars, the wreckage of a movie camera, which they land on, is clearly visible sliding away in the foreground.
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During the scene showing the map, the location of Norfolk, Virginia, is incorrect. It is shown as being in the middle of the state, but in actuality is located on the coast of the state.
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Truck Stop Waitress: What'll you have?
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JB: Do not make a sound unless it's a masterpiece. Not a fuckin' sound.
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KG: I'll have the fried chicken. And the steak... and the chicken-fried steak.
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What other works have Tenacious D appeared in?
Tenacious D's first starring screen appearance was in "Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works", a 1999 HBO TV show named after the band. They also appeared as a band in Bio-Dome.Jack Black has had independent success as a comedic actor. In his minor movies such as Saving Silverman and Shallow Hal, Kyle Gass has cameo appearances, but does not in Black's more major films such as High Fidelity or Nacho Libre.They also appeared in Bio Dome. They were at the college hippy protest performing.Jack and Kyle appeared (seperately) in Ben Stiller's The Cable Guy ( as a co-worker of Matthew Broderick's character, and in a cameo as a TV viewer in the film's final scenes repectively ) and (together) in Tim Robbins' Cradle Will Rock (as 1930's theatre performers) . Directors Robbins and Stiller both make cameo appearances in Tenacious D in The Pick of DestinyBoth actors contribute character voices to Dreamworks Kung Fu PandaJack Black and Kyle Gass have appeared on Television in character as Tenacious D in Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works (obviously) and The Andy Dick Show: Flipped (#3.1)And they have appeared in the foo fighters video learn to fly
Where is Kickapoo, Missouri?
There is no city in the U.S. named Kickapoo. Kickapoo is the name of a Native American tribe which has reservations in Texas and Kansas. Presumably the name "kickapoo" was chosen because it contains the word "poo". EDIT: As there is no real Kickapoo Missouri, there is a Kickapoo High School in Springfield which exists (actually Brad Pitt went there). It is named after a prairie and the Kickapoo Indians, which relocated to Missouri in the 1800's.EDIT: There IS at least one town in the U.S. called Kickapoo, in Wisconsin. There is not one in Missouri, however.EDIT: Furthermore, Jack Black is not from Missouri, but grew up in Hermosa, California, and also he did not grow up in a strict Christian household, but is in fact Jewish.EDIT: There are actually 4 towns in the U.S. named Kickapoo. One in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, and Texas.EDIT: Kickapoo is a township in Platte County, Missouri. Zip code 65077.EDIT: Kickapoo does not, in fact, have any relevance in any normal US citizen's life, and is merely a place where old people go to die. <--- You're an idiot
Who played Sasquatch?
That's character actor John C. Reilly, a longtime friend of Tenacious D. Reilly also appeared as the Sasquatch in an episode of their HBO television show. Although he is not credited as playing Sasquatch in "Pick of Destiny", he is listed in the credits as "Sasquatch Researcher."
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