Texas Killing Fields
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Texas Killing Fields

USA:105 min
Crime | Drama | History | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Ami Canaan Mann
5 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-10-14
Filming Locations: Amite, Louisiana, USA
Opening Weekend: $8,772 (USA) (16 October 2011)
Gross: $45,282 (USA) (13 November 2011)
Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloë Grace Moretz
Texas Killing Fields
Sam Worthington
Mike Souder
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Brian Heigh
Jessica Chastain
Pam Stall
Jason Clarke
Annabeth Gish
Gwen Heigh
Sheryl Lee
Lucie Sliger
Stephen Graham
Corie Berkemeyer
Shauna Kittredge
Trenton Perez
White Kid (as Trenton Ryan Perez)
Maureen Brennan
Mrs. Kittredge (as Maureen A. Brennan)
Tony Bentley
Captain Bender
Becky Fly
James Landry Hébert
Eugene (as James Hébert)
John Neisler
DPS Officer
Deneen Tyler
Lady Worm
Samantha Beaulieu
Kelvin Payton
Congregation 1
Ron Flagge
Congregation 2
Jon Eyez
Joseph Meissner
Uniformed Cop
Russell M. Haeuser
Joe Chrest
Tom Druilhet
Uniformed Officer 1
Tatelyn Galentine
Jump Rope Girl (as Tatelyn Ione Galentine)
Donna Duplantier
Jade Raford
Shelter Girl 1
Cassidy Smith
Shelter Girl 2
Leanne Cochran
Leah Elizabeth Sanchez
Lila's Daughter
Jen Kober
911 Operator
Ryan Reinike
911 Supervisor
Wayne Ferrara
Canine Officer
Lyle Brocato
Kerry Cahill
Carla Romer
Kirk Bovill
Jason Mitchell
7-Eleven Cashier
Lenore Banks
Coryn Elizabeth Cunningham
Elizabeth Heigh (as Coryn Cunningham)
Seth William Cunningham
Tim Heigh (as Seth Cunningham)
Brayden Turner-Iuso
Young Boy
Anastasia Boissier
Girl at Vigil
Doc Whitney
Constable Rankin (as Richard 'Doc' Whitney)
Brian Duffy
Flannel Shirt Poacher
Tom Proctor
Poacher 2 (as Tom E. Proctor)
Brittney Diez
Store Clerk
Mark Adam
Surveillance Detective 1
Johnny Stassi
Surveillance Detective 2 (as John A. Stassi)
Jim Chimento
Radio Operator
David Pressly
Blake Balu
Man Waiting for Detective (uncredited)
Erin Booth
Shaylene (uncredited)
Rebecca Collins
Girl at Vigil (uncredited)
Austin O'Mary
Student (uncredited)
Logan Douglas Smith
Texas City Police Patrolman (uncredited)
Did you know?
This film marks the second pairing of Jessica Chastain with Sam Worthington in two films released during same summer of 2011 period.
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Sheryl Lee (Lucie) and Chloë Grace Moretz (Ann) previously appeared together on the television show, Dirty Sexy Money.
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In preparation for their roles, Sheryl Lee and Chloë Grace Moretz spent time in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts.
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When the detectives find Little Ann in the killing fields she is bound both hand and foot. Detective Souder cuts the rope binding her feet, but not her hands. Detective Heigh picks her up with her hands still tied, but in the next scene her hands are free.
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Detective Mike Souder's AR-15 does not have a rear sight. No law enforcement officer would ever carry a rifle in this configuration as it makes the gun almost impossible to aim.
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In the opening shot(s) of the abandoned car, the silhouette of the steady-cam operators is seen on the pavement right after we see the car interior.
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Det. Mike Souder: I'm sorry, Levon. I'm sorry we're stopping you from your day job, as what, a fucking rocket scientist.
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Pam Stall: Would you request your partner to not continue to be the asshole he was when I was married to him?
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Dispatcher: 7-Ida-06 over at Hal's Tire Shop. There's been a break-in. Det. Mike Souder: 06 en route to the tire shop...
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Chloë Grace Moretz Sean Michael Cunningham