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The Amazing Spider-Man

136 min
Action | Adventure | Fantasy
IMDB rate:
Marc Webb
4 wins & 29 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-07-03
Filming Locations: Universal Studios Hollywood - 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Universal City, California, USA
Budget: $230,000,000
Opening Weekend: $62,004,688 (USA) (8 July 2012)
Gross: $262,030,663 (USA) (14 October 2012)
Emma Stone
Emma Stone
The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield
The Amazing Spider-Man
Rhys Ifans
The Lizard
Denis Leary
Captain Stacy
Martin Sheen
Uncle Ben
Sally Field
Aunt May
Irrfan Khan
Rajit Ratha
Campbell Scott
Richard Parker
Embeth Davidtz
Mary Parker
Chris Zylka
Flash Thompson
Max Charles
Peter Parker (Age 4)
C. Thomas Howell
Jack's Father
Jake Keiffer
Kari Coleman
Helen Stacy
Michael Barra
Store Clerk
Leif Gantvoort
Cash Register Thief
Andy Pessoa
Hannah Marks
Missy Kallenback
Kelsey Chow
Hot Girl
Kevin McCorkle
Mr. Cramer
Andy Gladbach
Physics Nerd
Ring Hendricks-Tellefsen
Physics Nerd
Barbara Eve Harris
Miss Ritter
Stan Lee
School Librarian
Danielle Burgio
Nicky's Girlfriend
Tom Waite
Keith Campbell
Car Thief
Steve DeCastro
Car Thief Cop
Jill Flint
Mark Daugherty
OsCorp Intern
Milton González
Rodrigo Guevara
Skyler Gisondo
Howard Stacy
Charlie DePew
Philip Stacy
Jacob Rodier
Simon Stacy
Vincent Laresca
Construction Worker
Damien Lemon
Taxi Driver
Ty Upshaw
Police Officer with Sketch
James Chen
Police Officer
Alexander Bedria
Officer (SWAT)
Tia Texada
Sheila (Subway)
Jay Caputo
Subway Guy
John Burke
Newscaster (News Chopper)
Terry Bozeman
Jennifer Lyons
Second Girl (Subway)
Michael Massee
Man in the Shadows
Amber Stevens
Ethan Cohn
Lab Technician
Michael Arthur
David Beckett
Businessman (uncredited)
Chad Bennett
Swat on Gurney
Max Bogner
Bryan Boone
Swat #1 (uncredited)
Matthew Alan Brady
High School Student - Kissing Couple
Teena Byrd
Customs House Pedestrian
Marmee Cosico
Business people (uncredited)
Kam Dabrowski
Graffiti Kid
Patrick Alan Davis
Angelo Fincelli
Melvin Diggs
Football Player
Kaitlyn Dommers
Tansy (uncredited)
Chris Dyer
Running Pedestrian
Ken Edling
Jeffrey Fox
Lab Technician
Bryan Friday
Tough Guy #4 - Subway (uncredited)
Stephanie Gould
Businesswoman (uncredited)
Shashawnee Hall
Construction Worker
Olivia Hoff
Francis Jimmy
Football Player
Hannah Lloyd
Oscorp Intern
Amanda MacDonald
Goth Girl
Matt Martin
Student (uncredited)
Tyler Jameson Martinez
Student (uncredited)
Adam Masnyk
Protective Boyfriend (uncredited)
Jeremy McLain
Maury Morgan
Richie Noodles
Construction Worker
Amy Novondo
Michael Papajohn
Martin Papazian
Salomon Passariello
High School Student
Roy Pollack
High-Powered Attorney
Ignacio Rada
Oscorp security 1 (uncredited)
Melissa Jane Rodriguez
High School Student
Anthony J Sacco
John Scurti
Kent Shocknek
TV Newscaster
Eric Silver
Lab Tech #2 (uncredited)
Andrea Sixtos
Chris Smith
Tech Worker (uncredited)
Stephen Stanton
Additional Voices (uncredited)
Megan Taylor
Police Officer
Tabitha Taylor
FBI Special Agent (uncredited)
Chris Vaina
Running Pedestrian
Corinne Vien
Cheerleader (uncredited)
George F. Watson
Stacy Family Limo Driver (uncredited)
BreAnna Chérie Wittman
Student (uncredited)
Did you know?
In this film Spider-Man uses artificial devices to shoot webs, inspired from the original comics where he possessed similar devices for his webbing (only later would he gain the superhuman ability to shoot webs). Marc Webb explained the web-shooters were a creative decision to showcase Peter's intellect: "We wanted to emphasize that these are things that Peter Parker made and that he is special himself even if he feels like he's an outsider."
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To prepare for his role as Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield studied the movements of spiders and tried to incorporate them as much as he could: "Parker is a boy/spider in terms of how he moves, and not just in the suit."
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John Slattery, Sam Elliott and R. Lee Ermey were rumored for the role of J. Jonah Jameson. However, this character, a legendary part of Spider-Man's mythos, does not appear in this film.
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Peter's hair length changes constantly throughout the movie. For example it's very long and not stuck up at dinner with Gwen's family and right after is shorter and spiked in the rooftop kiss scene.
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While The Lizard is attacking the bridge, Dr. Rajit Ratha's car is bumped and pushed diagonally to the side by another car. However, in the next shot from the inside of the car, it's clear that all of the cars are in a straight row, as if nothing had happened.
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Dr. Connors' right arm-stump is very muscular. However, as anyone who has worked with amputees knows, after several years of having an amputated limb, the remaining stump still attached, experiences degeneration and is withered.
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Ben Parker: I think it's the condenser tray.
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Dr. Curt Connors: Welcome. My name is Dr. Curtis Connors. And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm a southpaw. I'm not a cripple, I'm a scientist, and I am the world's most foremost authority in herpetology. That's reptiles, for those of you who don't know.
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Store Clerk: Somebody stop that guy! Hey, kid, a little help.
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How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for The Amazing Spider-Man can be found here.
A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
Is this in the same universe as the rest of the Marvel movies?
No. All films made under the Marvel Studios banner (i.e., Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America) are set in the same universe, with the characters crossing over, culminating in The Avengers (2012) movie which will tie these films together. Marvel also owns Punisher and Blade, however Punisher (2004), Punisher: War Zone (2008), Blade (1998), Blade II (2002) and Blade: Trinity (2004) are not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other Marvel-based films owned by other studios are NOT set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to differing ownership. This includes Spider-Man (owned by Sony), the X-Men and Fantastic Four (both owned by Fox).
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