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The Amityville Horror

90 min
Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Andrew Douglas
2 wins & 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-04-15
Filming Locations: 1500 Busch Pky., Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
Budget: $19,000,000
Opening Weekend: $23,507,007 (USA) (17 April 2005)
Gross: $65,233,369 (USA) (29 May 2005)
Jimmy Bennett
Jimmy Bennett
The Amityville Horror
Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloë Grace Moretz
The Amityville Horror
Ryan Reynolds
George Lutz
Melissa George
Kathy Lutz
Jesse James
Billy Lutz
Rachel Nichols
Philip Baker Hall
Father Callaway
Isabel Conner
Jodie Defeo
Brendan Donaldson
Ronald Defeo
Annabel Armour
Rich Komenich
Chief of Police
David Gee
ER Doctor
Danny McCarthy
Officer Greguski
Nancy Lollar
José Taitano
Marie Joelyn
Store Patron (uncredited)
Ryan Kross
Restaurant patron (uncredited)
Jenny Strubin
Grocery Cashier (uncredited)
Lenore Thomas
Nurse Fuller (uncredited)
Did you know?
Just before shooting started, the body of a fisherman who had been murdered washed up on the bank of the river right near the main house.
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Both Melissa George and Rachel Nichols starred in the TV show Alias.
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Except for the attic windows and the vaguely Dutch Colonial style, the reproduction of the house does not resemble the actual house in Amityville as it was at the time the events were said to have taken place. Also, because of huge tourist interest in the house, the original house has been altered and is now less recognizable.
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When George first hears his dead dog barking, he mouths "Dammit Harry" before his voice is heard.
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While the realtor is showing the Lutzes one of the bedrooms, she looks back to see a shadow in the hallway. When she looks over she's in the living room, then when she turns back around she's back in the bedroom with the Lutzes.
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On the wall of Billy's bedroom, there is a Whitesnake poster. The band Whitesnake wasn't formed until 1978, 3 years after the film's setting.
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Michael Lutz: Do I have to call you Dad, now?
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George Lutz: Wipe that stupid look off your face and got to bed... run.
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Kathy Lutz: I just read about this man, Ketcham... who tortured Indians on my land. On my basement. I read about how he slit his throat, so that his prescence would live forever. Do you believe this could be true?
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What is 'The Amityville Horror' about?
George (Ryan Reynolds) and Kathy (Melissa George) Lutz and their family -- sons Billy (Jesse James) and Michael (Jimmy Bennett) and daughter Chelsea (Chloë Grace Moretz) -- move into an old lakefront Dutch Colonial house in Amityville on Long Island, New York that they were able to purchase for the 'deal of a lifetime'. The only disadvantage is that the house has a gruesome history. The previous family, the DeFeos, were murdered a year ago by the son Ronald Jr (Brendan Donaldson), who shot his parents and four siblings, claiming 'voices' made him do it. Shortly after moving in, strange things begin to happen to the Lutzes. George begins hearing voices and seeing disfigured bodies. Chelsea acquires an imaginary friend named Jodie. When George becomes more and more withdrawn and his behavior starts changing dramatically, Kathy comes to realize that something evil is happening in the house. But what?
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