The Angry Red Planet
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The Angry Red Planet

83 min
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Ib Melchior
Country: USA
Release Date: 1959-11-23
Filming Locations: Hal Roach Studios - 8822 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
Gerald Mohr
Col. Thomas O'Bannion
Naura Hayden
Dr. Iris 'Irish' Ryan (as Nora Hayden)
Les Tremayne
Prof. Theodore Gettell
Jack Kruschen
CWO Sam Jacobs
Paul Hahn
Maj. Gen. George Treegar
Tom Daly
Dr. Frank Gordon
Don Lamond
TV Newscaster / Narrator / Martian (voice)
Edward Innes
Brig. Gen. Alan Prescott
Gordon Barnes
Maj. Lyman Ross
Jack Haddock
Lt. Col. Davis
Brandy Bryan
Nurse Hayes
Joan Fitzpatrick
Nurse Dixon
Duke Norton
Dr. Muller
William Remick
Dr. Hawley (as Wm. Remick)
Fred Ross
Air Force News Photographer
David De Haven
Air Force News Photographer (as David DeHaven)
Arline Hunter
Alean 'Bambi' Hamilton
Joan's Friend (as Aleane Hamilton)
Richard Baxter
1st Monitor (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks
Security Man at Briefing (uncredited)
Ted Cassidy
Martian (voice) (uncredited)
Billy Curtis
Martian (uncredited)
Alan Prescott
Brigadier General (uncredited)
Billy Snyder
Did you know?
Director Ib Melchior was given just 9 days to shoot the film, on a budget of $200,000.
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Sidney W. Pink wrote the screenplay at home on his kitchen table, recruiting his children in to act as critics. His initial draft was called "The Planet Mars" and included all sorts of strange creatures and an entire Martian city. Naturally, budgetary restraints precluded all that.
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The 40-foot alien monster was actually a marionette about 15 inches high. It was essentially a combination of a rat, bat, spider, and crab.
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We are left to assume that four trained scientists - one of whom comments that its leg-shaped "trees" are at least 40 feet high - fail to notice the rat-bat-spider-crab monster standing in the midst of an otherwise empty plain.
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When leaving the ship, the crew's space helmets lack protective glass.
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Les Tremayne clearly states that have deliberately landed on the equatorial area of Mars because that area is most likely to have life. Later Jack Khruschen, clearly contradicting that geography, asks where the polar caps are.
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Col. Thomas O'Bannion: [after the group has escaped an encounter with a Martian monster] You know, chin up, Sammy Boy!
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CWO Sam Jacobs: [having just landed on Mars] Well? Shall we go out and claim the planet in the name of Brooklyn?
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CWO Sam Jacobs: [Talking to his ray gun which has approved effective against a Martian monster] I think I'll call you Cleopatra because you're such a cool doll!
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