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The Answer Man

97 min | USA:95 min
Comedy | Romance
IMDB rate:
John Hindman
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-12-30
Filming Locations: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Opening Weekend: $12,998 (USA) (26 July 2009)
Gross: $25,589 (USA) (9 August 2009)
Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings
The Answer Man
Jeff Daniels
Arlen Faber
Lauren Graham
Lou Taylor Pucci
Kris Lucas
Olivia Thirlby
Nora Dunn
Terry Fraser
Tony Hale
Annie Corley
Mrs. Gold
Max Antisell
Thomas Roy
Riley Lucas
Peter Patrikios
Greg Wood
Businessman #1
Richard Lyntton
Richard Barlow
Sally Mercer
Lauren Emily Jacobs
Young Girl (as Lauren Jacobs)
David Mulholland
Male Customer
Charles J. Corrado Jr.
Roy (as Chalie Corrado)
Bev Appleton
Sylvia Kauders
Old Woman
Sandra Landers
Singing Wife
Ginny Graham
Singing Grandmother
Conor O'Brien
Singing Son
Morgan Turner
Singing Daughter
Valerie Bittner
Restaurant patron (uncredited)
Robert Bizik
Fan of Arlen Faber (uncredited)
Brandon Hanson
Ty (uncredited)
Ricky Heidelbaugh
School Boy (uncredited)
Gina Hernandez
Book Signing Patron (uncredited)
William James Kelly
Bookstore Customer (uncredited)
Basil Kershner
Businessman (uncredited)
David Kneeream
Business Man (uncredited)
Nicole Lee
Bookstore Customer (uncredited)
Marguerite Mastromatto
Teacher (uncredited)
Jeffrey Mowery
Fan of Arlen Faber (uncredited)
Michelle Nagy
Cute Girl on Street (uncredited)
Jean Orlando
Chiropractor Patient (uncredited)
Steven Pasquale
Elizabeth's Date (uncredited)
Charles Pendelton
Dining guest (uncredited)
Vincent Riviezzo
Theater Attendee (uncredited)
Chuck Schanamann
Bookstore Customer (uncredited)
David Adam Smith
AA Member (uncredited)
Francine Bianco Tax
Reporter (uncredited)
Dan Van Wert
Diner Patron (uncredited)
John Wooten
In the scene where Arlen has the girl attempt to sell one of his used books the girl looks directly at the camera for a brief second.
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After Arlen puts the 45 record on, he jostles the stereo when he has his first back spasm. The needle clearly bounces off of the record but the music continues playing. After he falls to the floor, a close up of the record still playing is shown.
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When Arlen first tries to sell books to the bookstore he is taking a different number to or from the cart or counter each time the camera leaves and returns to his character (takes two but has three and visa versa).
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Arlen Faber: You wanna know something cool about shaking hands with little people? They see us shaking hands but they don't know that we squeeze the other person's hand so they - y'know - they just hold hands with you for a couple of seconds.
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Kris Lucas: If God made everything, then why are some things bad? Like the whole pain and suffering thing...
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Kris Lucas: Why can't I do the things I want to do? There's so much I know I'm capable of that I never actually do. Why is that?
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