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60 min
Game-Show | Reality-TV
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Nominated for 9 Primetime Emmys. Another 13 wins & 9 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2004-01-08
Filming Locations: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Donald Trump
Himself / ... (186 episodes, 2004-2015)
Ivanka Trump
Herself - Boardroom Advisor / ... (86 episodes, 2006-2015)
Did you know?
It typically takes 7-1\2 hours to film each Boardroom session. Among other things that end up on the "editing room floor" are expletive-laced interactions and heated exchanges that make the ones that are actually aired seem tame by comparison.
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Though the show really does take place at Trump Tower, the Boardroom is actually a set built specifically for the show. There are sixteen cameras continuously running while a Boardroom sequence is being shot. Many cameras are positioned behind what appear to be large mirrors that surround the Boardroom. The door that Donald Trump uses to enter the Boardroom actually leads from a narrow room that houses multiple cameras hidden by mirrors. It just looks like a hallway from the camera angle used. Trump's red chair sits upon a raised platform about 4 inches high in order to make Trump appear to tower over everyone else (despite Trump already being 6'3''), emphasizing his supreme authority.
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The apartment we see the contestants return to was built as a set in the Trump Tower.
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In several of the episodes, when the fired apprentice leaves Trump Tower they get into a cab in which the hack number is clearly visible; however, when the cab pulls away there is a different number on the side of the cab.
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In the episode where Audrey is fired, she is seen in the boardroom and lobby wearing a dress. When she walks out onto the street and into the taxi, she is clearly wearing pants.
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Sam Solovey: Mr. Trump came in yesterday to the suite where I'm staying, and he shook my hand. Basically, I think now that I've been fired, I realize he was saying, "Win this, Sam. Win this. Because if you win this, I believe in you. I believe in you, I believe in you. But if you lose this, there's no way I can keep you on. You've shown me in so many different ways that there's just no way I can keep you on. "
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Donald Trump: [on Nick and Amy's relationship] If this match doesn't work, I'd be amazed.
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Robin Himmler: Mr. Trump will see you now!
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Who won the apprenticeship(s)?
The first season's winner was Bill Rancic.Season 2: Kelly PerdewSeason 3: Kendra ToddSeason 4: Randal PinkettSeason 5: Sean YazbeckSeason 6: Stefanie SchaefferSeason 7: Piers MorganSeason 8: Joan RiversSeason 9: Bret MichaelsSeason 10: Brandy KuentzelSeason 11: John RichSeason 12: Arsenio HallSeason 13: Trace AdkinsSeason 14: Leeza Gibbons
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