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The Audrey Hepburn Story

133 min
Biography | Drama
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Steven Robman
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2000-03-27
Filming Locations: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Audrey Hepburn
Frances Fisher
Ella van Heemstra
Keir Dullea
Joseph Hepburn
Gabriel Macht
William Holden
Emmy Rossum
Young Audrey Hepburn (ages 12-16)
Eric McCormack
Mel Ferrer
Seana Kofoed
Kay Kendall
Michael J. Burg
Truman Capote
Stéphane Archambault
Joan Copeland
Cathleen Nesbitt
Marcel Jeannin
Adam MacDonald
Nick Dana
Mark Camacho
Tiffany's Cab Driver
Sarah Hyland
Audrey Hepburn (at 8 years old)
Vlasta Vrana
Uncle Willem
Barry Julien
Lise Roy
Sister Luc
Catherine Colvey
Mme. Rombert
Bruce Dinsmore
Blake Edwards
Tamara Hope
Lenie Scoffié
Ray Landry
Humphrey Bogart
Emma Stevens
Miss Rigden
Noel Burton
Cecil Landeau
Pierre LeBlanc
Street Sweeper
James Bradford
Sheena Larkin
Anita Loos
Joanna Noyes
Tiffany's Make-Up Person
Chip Chuipka
Tiffany's Assistant Director
Aubert Pallascio
Raymond Rouleau
David Francis
Alfred Lunt
Tom Rack
Gilbert Miller
Sam Stone
William Wyler
Susan Glover
English Actress
Swede Swensson
Gregory Peck
Terrie Kember
Ballet Teacher #1
Danielle Godin
Ballet Teacher #2
Ryan Hollyman
George Peppard
Harry Hill
Screen Test Director
Peter Feder
Billy Wilder
Howard Rosenstein
Mario Zompi
Dorothée Berryman
Ella's Friend
Renee Madeline Le Guerrier
Vegetable Seller (as Renee Madeleine Leguerrier)
Terrence Labrosse
Oscar Presenter (as Terence La Brosse Ross)
Andreanne Troini
Richard Jutras
Jerome Robbins
Andréas Lange
German Captain
Martin Watier
Daniel Richard Giverin
West End Stage Manager (as Daniel Giverin)
Jonathan Stark
Gigi Stage Manager
Keir Cutler
Limo Driver
Tony Calabretta
Ondine Doorman
Tony Robinow
Fred Zinnemann
Jean Ricard
Dutch Doctor
Matt Holland
British Customs Agent
Andria Panidisz
Cab Driver's Daughter
James Rae
London Photographer
Jason Knight
English Soldier
Robert Brewster
Stage Doorman
Christopher Hall
German Soldier #1
Stephane De Neubourg
German Soldier #2
Robert Burns
Ondine Stage Manager
Paul Stewart
Ondine Producer
Matthew Tiffin
British Soldier #1
Dany Papineau
British Soldier #2
Michelle Heisler
Audrey's Friend
John Sanford Moore
Reporter #1 (as John Moore)
Kelly Ricard
Reporter #2
Terence Bowman
Reporter #3
Mark Hauser
Monte Carlo Dancer
Marc-Philippe Vincent
Rea Nolan
Pascale Devigne
French Secretary
Carole Jeghers
Caroline (as Carol Clement Jeghers)
Jennifer Marcil
Nazi Sympathizer
Mark Trafford
Bob, King of the Sea
Humphrey Bogart
Himself (archive footage)
Mel Ferrer
Himself (archive footage)
Maureen Garrett
William Holden
Himself (archive footage)
Gregory Peck
Himself (archive footage)
Audrey Hepburn
Herself in UNICEF footage (archive footage) (uncredited)
When Hepburn finally reunites with her father, she leaves estranged. In reality, she maintained in touch with her dad until the end of his life.
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Audrey Hepburn left Arnhem in 1942 for nearby Velp; the city of Arnhem was virtually flattened in 1944, so when it was liberated, there were no buildings standing. The film shows a city being liberated with buildings everywhere.
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When Audrey is auditioning for the ballet school in London in 1947, there is a close-up of a pair of feet wearing pointe shoes. Unfortunately, these feet are wearing Gaynor Mindens, pointe shoes not introduced to the world until the late 1990's, shoes that, because of the very advanced methods in their construction, are controversial in the ballet world to this day.
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Audrey Hepburn: [after receiving an Academy Award] I would like to thank my mother, who taught me to stand up straight, sit erect, use discipline with wine and sweets, and only smoke six cigarettes a day.
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Truman Capote: [Watching Audrey continually fail to eat the breakfast pastry - in front of Tiffany and Co] See why I didn't want Hepburn for this? She can't eat. Marilyn Monroe is who I wanted. Marilyn Monroe knows how to eat.
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Photos from cast
Steve Adams Peter Giles