The Avenging Angel
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The Avenging Angel

91 min | UK:93 min
IMDB rate:
Craig R. Baxley
1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1995-01-22
James Coburn
Porter Rockwell
Fay Masterson
Miranda Young
Kevin Tighe
Benjamin Rigby
Jeffrey Jones
Brother Milton Long
Tom Bower
Bill Hickman
Leslie Hope
Liza Rigby
Daniel Quinn
Alpheus Young
Andrew Prine
Andrew Pike
Lisa Banes
Drew Snyder
Tracey Ellis
Charlton Heston
Brigham Young
Patrick Gorman
Jonathan Parker
Miles Feulner
Josh Heaton
T.J. Lowther
Miles at 10
Bill Osborn
Tall Easterner
David Kirk Chambers
Stocky Easterner
Richard Jewkes
Sheriff Ezekiel Randall
Chelsea Berenger
Amanda Heaton
Chloe Berenger
Emma Heaton
Wayne Brennan
1st Prospector
Bus Riley
2nd Prospector
David Jensen
3rd Prospector (as Dave Jensen)
Craig Baxley Jr.
Teenage Miles
Mary-Cristina Schaub
Rachel Rigby
Sarah Schaub
Annie Rigby
Jeremy Hanks
Parker Boy No. 1
Did you know?
The film is not entirely fictitious: Brigham Young was president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he did have a home in St. George.
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Milton Long: It's easy enough to assassinate a powerful man. The real trick, the art of it, is finding someone else to put the blame on.
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Utley: You know, Alpheus, the problem with polygamy is that when you've had 27 wives and 56 children, one's just bound to turn out as dirt-stupid and pig-ugly as you.
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Miles Utley: You bastard! I'm sending you to hell!
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Tom Berenger