The Ballad of Josie
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The Ballad of Josie

102 min
Comedy | Western
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Andrew V. McLaglen
Country: USA
Release Date: 1967-02-01
Filming Locations: Janss Conejo Ranch, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Doris Day
Josie Minick
George Kennedy
Arch Ogden
Andy Devine
Judge Tatum
William Talman
District Attorney Charlie Lord
David Hartman
Sheriff Fonse Pruitt
Guy Raymond
Audrey Christie
Annabelle Pettijohn
Karen Jensen
Deborah Wilkes
Elisabeth Fraser
Widow Renfrew
Linda Meiklejohn
Jenny McCardle
Shirley O'Hara
Timothy Scott
Don Stroud
Paul Fix
Alpheus Minick
Harry Carey Jr.
Mooney (as Harry Carey)
John Fiedler
Robert Lowery
Whit Minick
Teddy Quinn
Luther Minick
Frank Baker
Territorial Delegate (uncredited)
Jimmie Booth
Court Clerk (uncredited)
George DeNormand
Territorial Delegate (uncredited)
Edward Faulkner
Juror-Livery Man (uncredited)
George Ives
Freemont (uncredited)
Mike Lally
Juror (uncredited)
Jack Lilley
Cowhand (uncredited)
Alexander Lockwood
Parson (uncredited)
Rod McGaughy
Townsman (uncredited)
Ollie O'Toole
1st Juror (uncredited)
Bill Quinn
Bobbitt (uncredited)
James Seay
Territorial Politician (uncredited)
Harry Swoger
Nick (uncredited)
Jonathan Wynne
Houseboy (uncredited)
Did you know?
Final film of Robert Lowery.
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The sheepherders reference an actual sheep/cattle feud called the Pleasant Valley War between the cattle-raising Graham family and the sheep-raising Tewksbury family. The feud lasted for nearly ten years and was immortalized by Zane Grey in his book "To The Last Man: A Story of the Pleasant Valley War".
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Doris Day wrote in her 1975 autobiography that this was one of the films that she did not want to do but was forced to do because her husband/manager Martin Melcher had power of attorney and signed her for it without her knowledge or consent. She called this a "second-rate television western" that required her to get up at 4:30 every morning. However, she did enjoy the camaraderie of the cast members.
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Josie gets caught on a roll of flypaper, the type of which was not invented until 50 years after the movie was set.
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Mooney: You hardly think she could shoot that thing.
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Jason Meredith: You know, it takes money, capital, brains and sweat to raise cattle, but any idiot with a two-bit dog and a Winchester can raise sheep.
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Charlie Lord: [sarcastically] Hail the conquering hero.
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Photos from cast
Peter Graves J. Edward McKinley