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The Beast of War

111 min
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Kevin Reynolds
1 win
Country: USA
Release Date: 1988-09-07
Filming Locations: Israel
Gross: $161,004 (USA) Filming Dates 20 April 1987 Copyright Holder Bright Star Film Enterprises (1988)
George Dzundza
Steven Bauer
Khan Taj
Stephen Baldwin
Anthony Golikov
Don Harvey
Kabir Bedi
Erick Avari
Chaim Girafi
Moustafa (as Haim Gerafi)
Shoshi Marciano
Sherina (as Shosh Marciano)
Yitzhak Ne'eman
Iskandar (as Itzhak Babi Ne'Eman)
David Sherrill
Moshe Vapnik
Claude Aviram
Victor Ken
Avi Keedar
Osnat Mor
Young Girl
Rami Heuberger
Helicopter Co-Pilot (as Ramy Heuberger)
Avi Gil-Or
Roberto Pollack
Shahzaman (as Roberto Pollak)
Beni Baruchin
Did you know?
Captain (USMC, Ret.) Dale Dye served as the military/technical advisor on this film. He is frequently employed as such as well as actor in Oliver Stone films.
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When the film was made at Columbia, David Puttnam was head of the studio. By the time the film was released, Puttnam was out and 'Dawn Steel (I)' was head of the studio. As a result, the film was released in a small number of theaters under the title "The Beast".
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The words "Badal" and "Nanawatai" that are spoken by the rebels in the film mean "Revenge" and "Mercy".
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The "DSHK" machine gun on the tank is clearly an American Browning M2, modified to look like a DShK.
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The hand grip on RPG has black tape over the serial# in cave but not during the closeup just prior to Koverchenko's shot at the tank.
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In the cave scene when Koverchenko is fixing the broken RPG launcher, he has it cradled in his lap. In the next shot, Taj is shown holding the launcher. In the next shot, Koverchenko has it in his lap again.
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Kaminski: I hate this fucking country.
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Kaminski: I need a woman!
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Helicopter pilot: Today's your lucky day. If we hadn't been out here looking for water we wouldn't have found you guys. Go ahead and climb aboard, I'll call in an airstrike on the tank. Daskal: Nobody wastes my tank...
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Does that kind of tank really have a five-man crew?
No. A T-54/55 has a four man crew: commander, loader, gunner, and driver. There is simply no room in the tank for anyone else. Trick photography was used to make the inside of the tank seem larger than it really was, and the fifth man was added purely to advance the story.
What rank is Daskal, the commander?
Unknown. It is assumed he is the company commander because he is referred to as "the old man" several appelation normally applied to the company captain. However, his rank is two pips on green shoulder boards, which would imply he is a lieutenant in the medical services...obviously, a mistake. His shoulder boards should be red for armor, with three gold stars as a captain.
What kind of tank is the one in the film supposed to be?
The tank is supposed to be a Russian T-54/55 model tank, one of the most numerous models in the world and in use by over 50 countries. In this case, it's an Israeil T-55S, modified with a Sharir 105mm main gun. The T55 would have a 100mm main gun, a coaxial machine gun, and a 12.7mm DShK 1938/46 heavy machine gun. The flamethrower would not be on the standard model (it would replace the coaxial machine gun in the flamethrower varaint OT-54). You can tell this is the T-55S becuase of the rifled gun barrel with fume extractor halfway down the barrel, the radio antenna mounts, and the drivers hatch that you can open from outside. The tank has features of both the T-54 and T-55; it mounts the DShK heavy machine gun of the T-54, but has the engine snorkel found on the T-55. It's basically a hodge-podge of the two designs.
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