The Big Circus
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The Big Circus

109 min
IMDB rate:
Joseph M. Newman
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1959-07-05
Victor Mature
Henry Jasper 'Hank' Whirling
Red Buttons
Randy Sherman
Rhonda Fleming
Helen Harrison
Kathryn Grant
Jeannie Whirling
Vincent Price
Hans Hagenfeld
Gilbert Roland
Zach Colino - the aerialist
Peter Lorre
David Nelson
Tommy Gordon
Adele Mara
Maria 'Mama' Colino
Howard McNear
Mr. Lomax
Charles Watts
Jonathan T. Nelson - Banker
Steve Allen
Himself - Cameo appearance
Fay Alexander
Trapeze Artist (uncredited)
James Bacon
James Bacon - Reporter (uncredited)
Nesdon Booth
Jules Borman - Rival Circus Owner (uncredited)
George Cisar
Bill - Reporter (uncredited)
Diane Davis
Minor Role (uncredited)
Anne Dore
Minor Role (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Bank Board Member (uncredited)
Eden Hartford
Minor Role (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers
Photographer (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp
Reporter (uncredited)
Donald Kerr
Circus Concessionaire (voice) (uncredited)
Mike Lally
Onlooker at Niagara Falls (uncredited)
Vera Lee
Minor Role (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness
Bank Board Member (uncredited)
Gene Mendez
Trapeze Artist (uncredited)
James Nolan
Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
Dick Rich
Jim Slade - Circus Saboteur
Marion Ross
Minor Role (uncredited)
Patti Saunders
Minor Role (uncredited)
Barry Seltzer
Small Boy on Steps of Bank (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock
Jack - Photographer (uncredited)
John Wald
John Wald - Commentator at Niagara Falls (uncredited)
Geraldine Wall
Reporter (uncredited)
Bob Yerkes
Circus Performer (uncredited)
Did you know?
David Nelson was cast due to his clean-cut image from his years on the television series The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952). Using him in the role of Tommy made the character the one the audience would least suspect.
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Final film of veteran character actor Dick Rich--he worked exclusively on television until his retirement in 1961.
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While Red Buttons flirts around the shooting range, a small boy in a checked shirt behind him disappears and reappears between shots.
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The human cannonball is shown climbing up the cannon, kneeling at the top, then swinging around and sliding into its mouth. In the next shot, showing the net in the foreground and the cannon behind, he's seen at the top of the cannon, swinging around and sliding into its mouth a second time.
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In the climactic trapeze act near the end, Zach and Jeannie are repeatedly shown standing on the opposite side of the stationary platform in long shots from where they're standing in close-ups.
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J. Edward McKinley
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