The Big Heat
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The Big Heat

90 min
Crime | Film-Noir | Thriller
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Fritz Lang
2 wins
Country: USA
Release Date: 1953-10-14
Filming Locations: Columbia/Sunset Gower Studios - 1438 N. Gower Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Glenn Ford
Glenn Ford
The Big Heat
Gloria Grahame
Debby Marsh
Jocelyn Brando
Katie Bannion
Alexander Scourby
Mike Lagana
Lee Marvin
Vince Stone
Jeanette Nolan
Bertha Duncan
Peter Whitney
Willis Bouchey
Lt. Ted Wilks
Robert Burton
Det. Gus Burke
Adam Williams
Larry Gordon
Howard Wendell
Police Commissioner Higgins
Chris Alcaide
George Rose
Michael Granger
Dorothy Green
Lucy Chapman
Carolyn Jones
Ric Roman
Dan Seymour
Mr. Atkins
Edith Evanson
Selma Parker
Phil Arnold
Retreat Waiter (uncredited)
Linda Bennett
Joyce Bannion
Charles Cane
Police Guard Outside Lagana Home (uncredited)
Phil Chambers
Hettrick (uncredited)
John Close
Policeman (uncredited)
Sidney Clute
Retreat Bartender (uncredited)
John Crawford
Al - Bannion's Brother-in-Law (uncredited)
John Doucette
Mark Reiner
Kathryn Eames
Marge - Bannion's Sister-in-Law (uncredited)
Al Eben
Harry Shoenstein (uncredited)
Douglas Evans
Councilman Gillen (uncredited)
Fritz Ford
Sailor (uncredited)
Jimmy Gray
Man (uncredited)
Michael Jeffers
Retreat Patron (uncredited)
Byron Kane
Police Surgeon (uncredited)
Donald Kerr
Lyle Latell
Moving Man (uncredited)
Nico Lek
Canteen Patron (uncredited)
Celia Lovsky
Lagana's Mother in Portrait (uncredited)
Herbert Lytton
Martin (uncredited)
Mike Mahoney
Dixon (uncredited)
Laura Mason
B-Girl (uncredited)
Paul Maxey
George Fuller (uncredited)
Joseph Mell
Medical Examiner (uncredited)
John Merton
Man (uncredited)
Patrick Miller
Intern (uncredited)
William Murphy
Reds (uncredited)
Ezelle Poule
Mrs Tucker (uncredited)
Norma Randall
Jill (uncredited)
Michael Ross
Segal (uncredited)
Ted Stanhope
Lagana's Butler (uncredited)
Robert Stevenson
Bill Rutherford (uncredited)
William Vedder
Janitor (uncredited)
Did you know?
Columbia wanted to borrow Marilyn Monroe from 20th Century-Fox to play the role of Debby Marsh, but Fox's asking price was too high. Gloria Grahame was cast instead.
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Bannion's wife Katie is played by Jocelyn Brando, older sister of Marlon Brando.
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When Lee Marvin first sees Glenn Ford face to face, the music in the background is "Put the Blame on Mame," a reference to Ford's performance in Gilda (1946).
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When Bannion lets the dead Debby's hand go, it gently moves downward obviously still under her control.
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In the opening scene, after Duncan shoots himself, his hand and the gun fall to the desk onto an envelope and right next to his badge. When the camera angle changes, only the barrel of the gun is on the envelope, and it's a few inches from the badge.
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Near the end of the film, Dave Bannion has an altercation with his brother-in-law's old army buddy in the stairwell. When he enters the apartment a second later, the sleeves of his suit are suddenly rolled up.
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Dave Bannion: [about Lucy Chapman] Where'd she live?
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Debby Marsh: [Has just thrown scalding coffee in Vince's face] It'll burn for a long time, Vince. It doesn't look bad now. But in the morning your face will be like mine.
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Debby Marsh: [to Bannion] When Vince talks business, I go out and get my legs waxed or something.
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New York Opening Happened When?
Fritz Lang's masterwork, The Big Heat, from Columbia Pictures, opened in New York at the Criterion theatre (B'way & 45th St.) on Wednesday, October 14, 1953. The ad from the New York Times further states:Extra In Person! Jocelyn Brando---star of "The Big Heat" will be in the Criterion lobby Today at 9:30 a.m. to meet her fans and to distribute autographed photos____________________________________
Chicago Opening Happened When and Where?
Fritz Lang's masterpiece, The Big Heat, had a mid-week opening in Chicago on Wednesday, November 18, 1953, at 8:45 am, at the Roosevelt theatre, State near Washington . . . an ad in the Chicago Tribune states:I'm Putting The Heat On . . . So I was a gangster's girl. But he worked me over once too often. Now I 'm putting the big heat on, but good. When I finish talking, he'll wish he never was born! . . . The Big Heat, Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Jocelyn Brando, with Alexander Scourby, Lee Marvin, Jeanette Nolan . . . A Columbia Picture______________________________________The film was the top-half of a double-bill, of which the bottom-half was: "The 49th Man," Espionage Ring Smashed! "Secret War" plot against U.S. Revealed Clue by Clue!!!, Columbia Pictures Shock Hit!, Split-second action! Split-atom impact!, with John Ireland, Richard Denning . . .______________________________
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Photos from cast
Glenn Ford Harry Lauter