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The Big Valley

60 min (112 episodes)
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Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 3 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1965-09-15
Filming Locations: CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
The Big Valley
Louise Sorel
Louise Sorel
The Big Valley
Richard Long
Jarrod Barkley
Peter Breck
Nick Barkley
Lee Majors
Heath Barkley
Linda Evans
Audra Barkley
Did you know?
There was originally a fourth Barkley son, Eugene Barkley, portrayed by Charles Briles, who appeared in eight episodes of the first season. Briles was forced to leave the show midway through the first season because in real life he was drafted by the U.S Army. After leaving the regular cast, Eugene never returned in later seasons, even when Briles mustered out of the Army, and basically, Eugene was never really referred to again.
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Victoria's horse was Misty Girl, while Nick rode Coco.
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Victoria is the only Barkley who was never shot throughout the run of the series. Heath was shot the most, and Nick has the distinction of being the only Barkley who is shot twice in the same episode.
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Nick Barkley: Untie me and I'll show you a little justice, Barkley style.
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Jarrod Barkley: Nick, I promise never to call you a bull in a china shop again.
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Nick Barkley: It might do you good to eat a little dust once in awhile.
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How many episodes did each of the five main stars appear in?
Richard Long - Jarrod Barkley - 98 out of 112 episodes.Peter Breck - Nick Barkley - 99 out of 112 episodes.Lee Majors - Heath Barkley - 98 out of 112 episodes.Linda Evans - Audra Barkley - 82 out of 112 episodes.Barbara Stanwyck - Victoria Barkley - 103 out of 112 episodes.
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Barbara Stanwyck Susan Strasberg Laura Devon King Donovan Gene Dynarski Diana Ewing Darby Hinton George Keymas
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