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The Brood

92 min | Canada:90 min
Horror | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
David Cronenberg
1 win & 5 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1979-05-25
Filming Locations: Magder Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed
The Brood
Samantha Eggar
Nola Carveth
Art Hindle
Frank Carveth
Henry Beckman
Barton Kelly
Nuala Fitzgerald
Juliana Kelly
Cindy Hinds
Candice Carveth
Susan Hogan
Ruth Mayer
Gary McKeehan
Mike Trellan
Michael Magee
Robert A. Silverman
Jan Hartog (as Robert Silverman)
Joseph Shaw
Larry Solway
Reiner Schwarz
Dr. Birkin
Felix Silla
John Ferguson
Nicholas Campbell
Mary Swinton
Jerry Kostur
Construction Worker
Chris Britton
Man in Auditorium (as Christopher Britton)
Elijah Siegler
Samson (uncredited)
Did you know?
This film is one of the last mediums through which to see the interior of the old Toronto Police Headquarters on 590 Jarvis Street in Toronto, as the Headquarters was re-located to a new building in 1988 and the older building (shown in the film) was torn down to make room for condominiums in 2007.
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Samantha Eggar only worked for four days on this film.
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David Cronenberg wrote the film following the tumultuous divorce and child-custody battle he waged against Margaret Hindson. Cronenberg also said that Samantha Eggar's character, Nola Carveth, possessed some of the characteristics of his ex-wife.
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Just after the first murder, the deformed/mutant child who committed it leaves very large, bloody handprints on the stair railing just near the dead body. These handprints are never mentioned again, in particular by the police, who insist later that they were "never looking for anything that small." It would have been impossible to miss these handprints at the crime scene, and such child-sized handprints would have certainly tipped off the police in a different direction upon discovery.
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During the climactic scenes at the shed, the blood stains on the lapel of Frank's jacket disappear and reappear.
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When Candy is sent away from preschool by "the creatures", she is wearing her pink snowsuit. However, when Frank drops by their home, desperately searching for his daughter, the pink snowsuit is hanging on the cloak hook at the front door. Then again, a few moments later, Candy is wearing it walking down the street with two of "the creatures".
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Dr. Hal Raglan: The law believes in motherhood.
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Juliana Kelly: Thirty seconds after you're born you have a past and sixty seconds after that you begin to lie to yourself about it.
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What are the differences between the R-Rated and Unrated Version?
David Croneberg's great horror movie from 1979 was initially released only in the cut R-Rated version in several countries including Great Britain and Germany. The uncut version wasn't released there before the DVD age. The US DVD, although showing the R-rated sign, contains the unrated version of the movie. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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