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The Bulldog Breed

97 min
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Robert Asher
Country: UK
Release Date: 1961-04-24
Filming Locations: Beaconsfield Studios, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Norman Wisdom
Norman Puckle
Ian Hunter
Adm. Sir Bryanston Blyth
David Lodge
CPO Knowles
Robert Urquhart
Cmdr. Clayton
Edward Chapman
Mr. Philpots
Eddie Byrne
PO Filkins
Peter Jones
Diving instructor
John Le Mesurier
Prosecuting counsel
Terence Alexander
Defending counsel
Sydney Tafler
Speedboat owner
Brian Oulton
Bert Ainsworth (cinema manager)
Harold Goodwin
Streaky Hopkinson
Johnny Briggs
Johnny Nolan
Frank Williams
Mr Carruthers
Joe Robinson
Tall sailor
Liz Fraser
NAAFI girl
Penny Morrell
Marlene Barlow
Claire Gordon
Peggy (girl in bar)
Julie Shearing
WRN Smith
Bosun the dog (as 'Bosun')
John Arnatt
Briggs (uncredited)
Michael Caine
Sailor in Cinema Fight (uncredited)
Cyril Chamberlain
Jimmy the Landlord (uncredited)
Larry Dann
New Dalton's Boy (uncredited)
Robert Desmond
Sailor on Bridge of Warship (uncredited)
Sheila Hancock
Doris (uncredited)
Glyn Houston
Gym instructor (uncredited)
Rosamund Lesley
Peggy (uncredited)
Philip Locke
Teddy Boy in Cinema Fight (uncredited)
Bryan Pringle
PTI (uncredited)
William Roache
Space Centre Operator (uncredited)
Leonard Sachs
Yachtsman (uncredited)
Anthony Sagar
Instructor's Assistant (uncredited)
Anne Scott
Polynesian Girl (uncredited)
Did you know?
The film is notable for being the only occasion future British film stars Michael Caine and Oliver Reed shared a scene together. It takes place at a cinema lobby, where Reed plays a Teddy Boy and Caine a sailor; it lasts only a few seconds.
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The ship, F 91, is the HMS Murray, launched in 1955 and broken up in 1970.
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A film poster shows the name "Normana Sapienza" - a feminized, Italianized version of the name of the star, Norman Wisdom.
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When Puckle views the Earth from the spaceship (c. 128 minutes) he sees lines of latitude and longitude, and countries marked in various colours, just as an inflatable plastic globe atlas usually has.
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Photos from cast
Oliver Reed