The Cat and the Canary
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The Cat and the Canary

80 min (DVD) (2004 restoration) | 108 min (16 fps)
Comedy | Horror | Mystery
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Paul Leni
Country: USA
Release Date: 1927-09-09
Filming Locations: Universal Studios Hollywood - 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Universal City, California, USA
Gertrude Astor
Gertrude Astor
The Cat and the Canary
Laura La Plante
Annabelle West
Creighton Hale
Paul Jones
Forrest Stanley
Charles Wilder
Tully Marshall
Roger Crosby
Flora Finch
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Harry (as Arthur Edmund Carew)
Martha Mattox
Mammy Pleasant
George Siegmann
The Guard
Lucien Littlefield
Ira Lazar
Hal Craig
Policeman (uncredited)
Billy Engle
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Joe Murphy
Did you know?
The play on which this film is based opened in New York on 7 February 1922 at the National Theater. It closed in May 1922 after 148 performances.
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Writer/director Robert F. Hill not only wrote the adaptation for this film but also served as a sort of assistant/associate director for Paul Leni. Leni, a German, didn't speak much English, and Hill spoke German, so he acted as a liaison between Leni and the cast and crew.
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In the credits a character named "Ira Lazar" is listed. No such person is ever named in the film. However, external information indicates that "Ira Lazar" is the character who identifies himself as "the doctor" sent to check on Annabelle's sanity.
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As Tully Marshall's dead body falls to the floor, the actor can be clearly seen extending his hands to break the fall.
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When the murdered lawyer falls from behind a concealed door, he falls face down, but in the subsequent scenes he is shown on his back.
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Mammy Pleasant: This is an evil omen! Something terrible will happen here tonight!
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Roger Crosby: [as clock strikes] That clock hasn't struck in twenty years - since the old man died!
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Aunt Susan Sillsby: [to Annabelle] You've had twenty years to get ready for this meeting. It's a wonder you couldn't be here on time.
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Gertrude Astor