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The Cat o' Nine Tails

Spain:110 min | USA:112 min | Argentina:115 min | USA:90 min (cut version) | West Germany:32 min (Super 8-version in 2 parts) | Austria:114 min (Limited Uncut Integral-Version)
Mystery | Thriller
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Dario Argento
Country: Italy
Release Date: 1971-05-21
Filming Locations: Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Budget: $1,000,000
Gross: ITL 1,141,000,000 (Italy) Admissions 1,314,780 (Spain)
James Franciscus
Carlo Giordani
Karl Malden
Franco Arnò
Catherine Spaak
Anna Terzi
Pier Paolo Capponi
Police Supt. Spini
Horst Frank
Dr. Braun
Aldo Reggiani
Dr. Casoni
Carlo Alighiero
Dr. Calabresi
Vittorio Congia
Righetto (cameraman)
Ugo Fangareggi
Gigi the Loser
Tom Felleghy
Dr. Esson
Emilio Marchesini
Dr. Mombelli
Fulvio Mingozzi
Spimi's man
Corrado Olmi
Pino Patti
Umberto Raho
Manuel's ex-lover
Jacques Stany
Prof. Manera
Stefano Oppedisano
Taxi driver
Ada Pometti
Telephone operator
Walter Pinelli
Sascha Helwin
(as Sacha Helwin)
Marie Louise Sinclair
Film starlet (as Marie Luise Zetha)
Martial Boschero
Cinzia De Carolis
Werner Pochath
Tino Carraro
Prof. Fulvio Terzi
Aristide Caporale
Smoker in the Billiard Hall (uncredited)
Giovanni Di Benedetto
Chief of Police Salmi (uncredited)
Margherita Horowitz
Lori's Babysitter (uncredited)
Giuseppe Marrocco
Man at Table in the Saint Peter's Club (uncredited)
Gennarino Pappagalli
Man in the Terzi's Institute (uncredited)
Aldo Parenti
Franco Ukmar
Policeman - Speaks with Morsella About Food (uncredited)
Did you know?
On one gravestone at the cemetery is written "Di Dario" = "From Dario".
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Although it's one of his most successful films, this is the least favorite of Dario Argento among his pictures.
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Early in the graveyard scene, as they are walking, the position of the actors changes between shots. In the side angle Malden has his left arm raised with his hand on Franciscus' right shoulder, in the angle showing them from the front, Malden has his arm down and Franciscus is gripping his shoulder.
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Gigi the Loser: Nothing's easy for me. I can't even knock over a chair without getting caught.
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Carlo Giordani: Would you like something to drink? I have some milk.
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Franco Arno: Put the lid back on the coffin.
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What are the differences between the US VHS Version and the Uncensored Version?
In the US, one of Argento's first movies and the second one of his so-called "animal trilogy" was released with heavy cuts on VHS. Besides violence, many plot elements are missing as well. Probably to be able to use a shorter tape (shorter = cheaper). Almost 24 minutes are missing in this version and a detailed comparison between both cuts with pictures can be found here.
What are the differences between the old British VHS and the Uncensored Version?
The old British Version misses two plot scenes of nearly two minutes. A detailed comparison between both versions can be found here.In Greece a rather similar version was released on VHS but it does feature one cut more erasing the killing of Bianca. Again a detailed comparison can be seen here.
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Photos from cast
Rada Rassimov