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The Climb

USA:98 min
IMDB rate:
Bob Swaim
6 wins & 1 nomination
Country: France
Release Date: 1999-02-18
Filming Locations: Auckland, New Zealand
John Hurt
Chuck Langer
Gregory Smith
Danny Himes
David Strathairn
Earl Himes
Stephen McHattie
Jack McLaskin
Seth Smith
Andy Sweeney
Sarah Buxton
Ruth Langer (as Sarah G. Buxton)
Matthew Ness
Wayne Barto
Michael Saccente
Ed Langer
Tina Regtien
Eileen Barto
Oliver Hodges
Tommy Sweeney
Michael Galvin
Father Cronin
Nigel Godfrey
Langer's Doctor
Dave Perrett
Joe Grace
Peter Rowley
Rules Rhodes
Richard Cox
Did you know?
When he first talks with Andy Sweeney at the WBBG radio antenna, Danny protests (at around 09 mins) "Yeah, but the last couple of years guys try it the day the kid from Hamilton fell." Hamilton is an urban neighborhood located in northeastern Baltimore City, which is in turn located in Baltimore County in Maryland.
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When Ruth turns on the radio in her bedroom (at around 23 mins) it begins to play immediately, not taking time to warm up like a tube radio from that period would. Either the radio is solid state or, more likely, this reveals the music being added in after the scene.
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As Danny is in his pajamas lying on his bed (at around 32 mins) he has no abrasion over his left eyebrow, but when a gunshot awakens him (at 14:02 and throughout the rest of that scene) he does have abrasions over his left eyebrow. Similarly, when Danny and Wayne hide behind a tree as the Sweeney brothers ride by on their bikes, Danny has no abrasions (at around 7 mins), but after being chased by Andy Sweeney and falling, Danny does have the abrasions over his left eyebrow (at around 29 mins), but we know they are from his fall.
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When Danny is sleeping in bed (at around 59 mins) just before Jack McLastin begins shooting, he has a cast on his left arm and abrasions above his left eyebrow even though he doesn't fall and break his arm until 20:13.
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Chuck Langer: You can have one if you want.
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Danny Himes: Great, so um, maybe you wouldn't mind coming and showing 'em babies to my entire 6th grade class.
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