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2 wins
Country: UK
Release Date: 1982-11-02
Filming Locations: ABC Cinema, Ewell, Surrey, England, UK
John Sessions
John Sessions
The Comic Strip Presents...
Peter Richardson
Julian / ... (41 episodes, 1982-2012)
Adrian Edmondson
Billy / ... (30 episodes, 1982-2012)
Jennifer Saunders
Anne / ... (30 episodes, 1982-2012)
Nigel Planer
Den Dennis
Dawn French
Frances / ... (26 episodes, 1982-2012)
Robbie Coltrane
Max / ... (19 episodes, 1982-2012)
Rik Mayall
Colin Grigson
Did you know?
Only five of the planned six shows from the first series were produced when Channel 4 decided that "Back to Normal With Eddie Monsoon" (also referred to as "An evening With Eddie Monsoon" by some sources) was unsuitable for broadcast. The character was revived in the second series episode "Eddie Monsoon: A Life" and features Adrian Edmondson in the title role as the washed-up South African TV host. The name Eddie Monsoon is, of course, a pun on the name Edmondson. Many years later, Edmondson's real-life wife Jennifer Saunders resurrected the name Eddie (short for Edina) Monsoon for her character in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992).
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Colin Grigson: [trying to sound cool] Uh, yeah, thanks, Mrs Grigson.
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Helen: [voice over] Now all that Spider needs to do is convince his wife to let him join the group again.
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