The Damned
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The Damned

156 min
IMDB rate:
Luchino Visconti
Nominated for Oscar. Another 10 wins & 6 nominations
Country: Italy
Release Date: 1969-12-18
Filming Locations: Attersee, Upper Austria, Austria
Gross: ITL 102,300,000 (Italy) ( 1980)
Ingrid Thulin
Ingrid Thulin
The Damned
Dirk Bogarde
Friedrich Bruckmann
Helmut Griem
Helmut Berger
Martin Von Essenbeck
Renaud Verley
Günther Von Essenbeck
Umberto Orsini
Herbert Thallman
Reinhard Kolldehoff
Baron Konstantin Von Essenbeck (as René Koldehoff)
Albrecht Schoenhals
Baron Joachim Von Essenbeck (as Albrecht Schönhals)
Florinda Bolkan
Nora Ricci
Charlotte Rampling
Elisabeth Thallman
Irina Wanka
Lisa Keller
Karin Mittendorf
Thilde Thallman
Valentina Ricci
Erika Thalman
Wolfgang Hillinger
Bill Vanders
Chief of Police
Howard Nelson Rubien
Dean of the University (as H. Nelson Rubien)
Werner Hasselmann
Gestapo Officer
Peter Dane
Steelmill Clerk
Mark Salvage
Police Inspector
Karl-Otto Alberty
1st Officer Wehrmacht (as Karl Otto Alberty)
John Frederick
2nd Officer Wehrmacht
Richard Beach
3rd Officer Wehrmacht
Klaus Höhne
1st S.A. Officer (as Claus Höhne)
Ernst Kuhr
2nd S.A. Officer
Peter Brandt
3rd S.A. Officer
Wolfgang Ehrlich
S.A. Militiaman
Ester Carloni
1st Maid (as Esterina Carloni)
Antonietta Fiorito
2nd Maid (as Antonietta Fiorita)
Jessica Dublin
Piero Morgia
Young man in shirt-sleeves
Karl Hass
Judith Burnett
Helga (uncredited)
Al Cliver
SS Soldier (uncredited)
Giada Desideri
Innkeeper (uncredited)
Michele Scalera
Innkeeper (uncredited)
Did you know?
Rainer Werner Fassbinder's favorite film. He called it "perhaps the greatest film, the film that I think means as much to the history of film as Shakespeare to the history of theater."
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This was the first X-rated film to be shown on American network television, although heavily edited and in a late-night time slot.
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Finnish censorship visa register # 78047 delivered on 3-11-1969.
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The film opens on the night of the Reichstag Fire (27 February 1933). However, later that night (or early the next morning) the police inspector investigating the murder of Joachim, in dictating a report to a secretary, gives the date as 18 February 1933.
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In the massacre scene of SA men, the SS are shown using MP-38 sub-machine guns. However the movie is set in 1934, 4 years before the MP-38 were in production for the German armed forces.
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Throughout the film, SS-Captain Aschenbach is referred to as a "Hauptsturmfuhrer". However, prior to 1934 (when the film is set) the SS referred to the rank of Captain as "Sturmhauptfuhrer".
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Martin Von Essenbeck: Lisa. Look what I've brought you. Do you like this little horse?
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Herbert Thallman: It's all over, Gunther. It was everyone's fault, even mine. It does no good to raise one's voice when it's too late, not even to save your soul. The fear of a proletariat revolution, which would've thrown the entire country to the left... was too great, and now we can't defend it any longer! Nazism, Gunther, is our creation. It was born in our factories, nourished with our money!
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Frederick Bruckmann: I accepted a ruthless logic, and I can never get away from it!
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Ingrid Thulin