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The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission

95 min
Action | War
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Andrew V. McLaglen
Country: USA
Release Date: 1985-02-04
Filming Locations: England, UK
Lee Marvin
Maj. John Reisman
Ernest Borgnine
Gen. Worden
Larry Wilcox
Tommy Wells
Sonny Landham
Sam Sixkiller
Richard Jaeckel
MP Sgt. Clyde Bowren
Wolf Kahler
Gen. Sepp Dietrich
Gavan O'Herlihy
Conrad E. Perkins
Ricco Ross
Arlen Dregors
Stephen Hattersley
Otto Deutsch
Rolf Saxon
Robert E. Wright
Jay Benedict
Didier Le Clair
Michael John Paliotti
Paul Herzberg
Jeff Harding
Sam Douglas
Russell Sommers
Gary Rosen
Michael Sheard
Adolf Hitler
Bruce Boa
John Malcolm
Field Marshal Meisterlein
William Morgan Sheppard
German General (as Morgan Sheppard)
Crispin Denys
Denis Holmes
Gen. Pierre Fontaine
Alan Barry
Gen. Bulldog Bardsley
Don Fellows
Gen. Trent Tucker
Billy Dean
Nazi Officer
Mike Kent
German Soldier
Charles Bodycomb
GI Harley Outrider (uncredited)
Derek Lyons
G.I. (uncredited)
Did you know?
Second and final "Dirty Dozen" movie for both Richard Jaeckel and Lee Marvin.
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As they're departing for training camp, Maj. Reisman (Lee Marvin) asks MP Sgt. Bowren (Richard Jaeckel) "What do you think?" to which he replies "I think the first chance one of these guys gets, he'll shoot the Major in the back." That's the same exchange the two had in The Dirty Dozen (1967).
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This is the first ever sequel to The Dirty Dozen (1967) and was made a staggering eighteen years after The Dirty Dozen (1967).
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Both in the courtroom and in General Worden's office you see a modern American flag with 50 stars, even though that flag first came into production in 1960, with Alaska becoming an American state in 1959 and Hawaii following the year after.
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When Sixkiller is running and shooting with the MG42, the weapon jams, but the sound of bullets being fired continues. The amount of ammunition Sixkiller has for the MG42 also varies from shot to shot.
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As their plane lands on the German occupied airfield you can clearly see a bright yellow ambulance and other modern vehicles parked in a car park next to the airfield.
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Tommy Wells: [working on the broken-down Mercedes] For this car, the war is over.
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Otto Deutsch: I would like to die like an American soldier.
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MP Sgt. Clyde Bowren: Perkins, sir. Conrad E.
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