The Doctor Takes a Wife
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The Doctor Takes a Wife

88 min (TCM print)
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Alexander Hall
Country: USA
Release Date: 1940-07-18
Loretta Young
June Cameron
Ray Milland
Dr. Timothy Sterling
Reginald Gardiner
John Pierce
Gail Patrick
Marilyn Thomas
Edmund Gwenn
Dr. Lionel Sterling
Frank Sully
Gordon Jones
Georges Metaxa
Jean Rovere
Charles Halton
Dr. Streeter
Joseph Eggenton
Dr. Nielson
Paul McAllister
Dean Lawton
Chester Clute
Hal K. Dawson
Edward Van Sloan
Helen Ainsworth
Amazon in Book Store (uncredited)
Erville Alderson
Harrison - Printer (uncredited)
Dorothy Appleby
Woman in Book Store (uncredited)
Irving Bacon
Sam Appleby - Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
Don Beddoe
Morning Express Reporter (uncredited)
Henry Blair
Boy (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley
Dapper Salesman (uncredited)
Spencer Charters
Henry Quinn - Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Catherine Courtney
Woman in Book Store (uncredited)
Dix Davis
Boy (uncredited)
Helen Davis
Woman in Book Store (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing
Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)
Vernon Dent
Man Outside Phone Booth (uncredited)
Claire Du Brey
Party Guest (uncredited)
Edward Earle
Party Guest (uncredited)
Edward Gargan
George - Doorman (uncredited)
Sumner Getchell
Wedding Celebrant (uncredited)
Wesley Giraud
Western Union Boy (uncredited)
Jane Goude
Mrs. Nielson (uncredited)
Olin Howland
Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Jane Keckley
Mrs. Quinn (uncredited)
William Lally
Deck Steward (uncredited)
Charles Lane
Reporter (uncredited)
Bobby Larson
Boy (uncredited)
Eddie Laughton
Photographer (uncredited)
Ann Lee
Maid (uncredited)
Ian Maclaren
Professor (uncredited)
Myra Marsh
Lydia Johnson (uncredited)
Frances Morris
University Registration Desk Clerk (uncredited)
William Newell
Soda Jerk
Frank Orth
New York Editor (uncredited)
Renie Riano
Telegraph Operator (uncredited)
Virginia Sale
School Teacher (uncredited)
Dorothy Ann Seese
Child (uncredited)
Vera Steadman
Extra (uncredited)
Gertrude Sutton
Mabel (uncredited) (voice)
Emma Tansey
Old Woman Sitting Outside of Lakewood Lodge (uncredited)
Carol Tevis
Whiney Woman in Bookstore (uncredited)
Charlotte Treadway
Woman in Book Store (uncredited)
Larry Wheat
Party Guest (uncredited)
John Wray
Joe - Farmer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Several people are in studio records/casting call lists as cast members, but they did not appear or were not identifiable in the movie. These were (with their character names): Edgar Buchanan (Doorman), Walter Sande (Charlie's Photographer), Frank Darien (Greenwich Editor), William Austin (Hotel Manager), Nell Roy (Telegraph Operator) and Mary Gordon (Scrub Woman).
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When Tim is passed out drunk on June's bed, the hair on his forehead disappears and then reappears between shots.
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In the car scenes after Tim and June pull away from the Standish Arms doorman, Tim's left arm is inconsistently atop the driver's door, then inside the car, as they converse.
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The "Himmelweiss" portrait--straight when Tim first hangs it over the dresser--is suddenly askew in the following shot, and again straight in the shot after that.
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John R. Pierce: You know, he's stubborn.
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Dr. Timothy Sterling: [to June] You're so brittle that one of these cold days you're gonna break up into a million pieces, and when that happens, I want a seat right in the grandstand!
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June Cameron: [to Timothy] Now, in spite of what you and little Chester here may think, the modern woman can match you men fiber for fiber and have a rib left over.
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Why is the PCA certificate number listed as 6039 when onscreen it is clearly 3052?
The actual PCA certificate numbers are on file at The Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Occasionally, the filmmakers get it wrong and list an incorrect value. In this case, the fact that it's wrong is obvious. Any 1940 film would have to have a 5000 or 6000 number. The AFI Catalogue researchers always list the value at the Library and not any that are onscreen.
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Photos from cast
Gertrude Astor