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The Driver

91 min
Action | Crime | Thriller
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Walter Hill
Country: USA
Release Date: 1978-06-08
Filming Locations: 258 Winston St., Los Angeles, California, USA
Gross: $4,905,000 (USA)$654,860 (Non-USA)
Ryan O'Neal
The Driver
Bruce Dern
The Detective
Ronee Blakley
The Connection
Matt Clark
Red Plainclothesman
Felice Orlandi
Gold Plainclothesman
Joseph Walsh
Denny Macko
Exchange Man
Frank Bruno
The Kid
Will Walker
Sandy Brown Wyeth
Tara King
Richard Carey
Fidel Corona
Card Player
Victor Gilmour
Nick Dimitri
Blue Mask
Bob Minor
Green Mask
Angelo Lamonea
Patrick Burns
Karen Kleiman
Thomas Myers
Bill McConnell
Peter Jason
William Hasley
Allan Graf
Uniformed Cop
Steve Moriarty
Person at Train Station / Driver (uncredited)
Did you know?
Although the rough cut was over two hours long and included one additional action (but not chase) scene, and even though for years even the VHS tapes had said the length was over two hours, Walter Hill has denied that this version was ever his intended cut and categorically stated that the existence of a longer director's cut is an urban myth. the US DVD includes an introductory sequence that the studio forced Hill to shoot to clarify who the characters are as a deleted scene, but this was dropped from all theatrical prints.
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Not one character has a name in this movie, and are all addressed by their occupation; e.g. "the Driver".
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Theatrical trailer shows some deleted and extended scenes; Player kissing the Driver, longer conversation between Detective and Driver in Driver's motel room and scene is also edited differently than in the movie, longer dialogue between Driver and Teeth in Driver's place where he asks Teeth "How you gonna get down stairs" before punching him like in the final version of the scene, and deleted dialogue scene in bar between Detective, Red Plainclothesman and bartender.
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The first time we see the driver use a gun, the sound effect is three rapid shots; however, it would be difficult if not impossible to fire a heavy revolver that quickly by double action. Even if you could, it would be impossible to shoot accurately that way.
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When the Detective engages the man with the bag in a shootout in the train restroom the character is wearing a brown corduroy suit. He falls out the window and the shot switches to an outside viewpoint. As he falls the man is clearly now wearing a blue velvet suit. When the shot changes to show him lying on the ground by the tracks the suit has changed back to the original brown one again.
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When the cops are chasing the Driver through the parking garage, the siren sound effect disappears for a few seconds then abruptly cuts back in.
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The Detective: [the Driver has just been caught redhanded retrieving the money bag from the train station locker.] Caught ya.
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The Detective: You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna catch me the cowboy that's never been caught. Cowboy desperado.
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The Detective: Today's your lucky day. I'm feeling generous. I'm gonna give you a choice. You and your boys can do one more job. A bank, a nice big one, for free. You're just going to hire a new driver, that's all. A good one.
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