The Eternal Sea
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The Eternal Sea

103 min
War | Drama
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John H. Auer
Country: USA
Release Date: 1955-05-05
Filming Locations: Republic Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sterling Hayden
Rear-Adm. John Madison Hoskins
Alexis Smith
Sue Hoskins
Ben Cooper
Seaman P.J. 'Zuggy' Zugbaum
Dean Jagger
Vice-Adm. Thomas L. Semple
Virginia Grey
Dorothy Buracker
Hayden Rorke
Capt. William Buracker
Douglas Kennedy
Capt. Walter Riley
Louis Jean Heydt
Capt. Walter F. Rodee
Richard Crane
Lt. Johnson
Morris Ankrum
Vice-Adm. Arthur Dewey Struble
Frank Ferguson
Admiral L.D.
John Maxwell
Adm. William F. 'Bull' Halsey
William Kerwin
James Best
Student (unconfirmed)
Don Haggerty
Commander (unconfirmed)
Harry Harvey Jr.
Messenger (unconfirmed)
Clark Howat
Thomas, Medical Officer (unconfirmed)
Selmer Jackson
V.I.P. (unconfirmed)
Robert Nelson
Lt. Rogers (unconfirmed) (as Bob Nelson)
Walter Reed
Operations Officer (unconfirmed)
Richard Shackleton
Corpsman (unconfirmed)
Willis Bouchey
Review Panel Chairman (Admiral Bill) (uncredited)
Roger Broaddus
Rennie Hoskins (uncredited)
Robert Carson
Commander (uncredited)
Nicolas Coster
Student (uncredited)
Alan Dexter
Doctor (uncredited)
Dick Geary
Student (uncredited)
Mimi Gibson
Mary Sue Hoskins (uncredited)
Art Gilmore
British Naval Officer (uncredited)
Wayne Heffley
Commanding Officer (uncredited)
William Hudson
Communication Officer (uncredited)
Jil Jarmyn
Flight Nurse (uncredited)
Bruce Kellogg
Adjutant (uncredited)
Sally Mansfield
Flight Nurse (uncredited)
Charles Meredith
Vice Admiral (uncredited)
Howard Negley
Rear Admiral (uncredited)
William Newell
Dining Room Captain (uncredited)
Dayton Osmond
Johnny Hoskins (uncredited)
William Phipps
Legless Sailor (uncredited)
Tom Powers
General (uncredited)
Howard Price
Air Force Corporal (uncredited)
Richard Reeves
Rivet Catcher (uncredited)
Alan Reynolds
Aide (uncredited)
Grandon Rhodes
Admiral at CIMPAC Meeting (uncredited)
Roy Roberts
Review Board captain (uncredited)
Robert Shayne
Cmdr. Dean (uncredited)
Arthur Space
Rescue Ship Doctor (uncredited)
Mary Treen
Admitting Nurse (uncredited)
Tommy Walker
Seaman (uncredited)
Helen Wallace
Mrs. Dodds (uncredited)
Pierre Watkin
General (uncredited)
Steve Wayne
Student (uncredited)
Alan Wells
Pilot (uncredited)
Dick Wessel
Mike, Rivet Tosser (uncredited)
Frank Wilcox
Cmdr. Calivin Durgin (uncredited)
Robert Williams
Seaman (uncredited)
Did you know?
Was filmed on board the USS Kearsarge (CVA 33) while on a Show The Flag cruise around Asia.
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The U.S. Navy requires that, unless you are on duty, you uncover upon entering a building and once uncovered you do not salute. Several times in this movie a salute was rendered by an uncovered sailor.
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Where the crew is listening to the aircraft radios attacking Korean targets they can hear the sounds of battle and the crash of a plane even though no pilot is talking. This would not be possible unless someone keyed the mic and left it open.
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U.S. Navy ships at General Quarters (battle stations) do not permit smoking. In the scene in Combat Information Center Admiral Hoskins is shown lighting up.
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