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The Fall Guy

60 min
Action | Adventure
IMDB rate:
1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1981-11-04
Filming Locations: Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino National Forest, California, USA
Did you know?
Initially, TV execs were wary of doing a show about a stuntman who moonlights as a private investigator. They changed their minds when they heard a demo tape of Lee Majors singing "The Unknown Stuntman."
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Because the show was produced by 20th Century Fox, Colt often did stunts on the Fox Studio lot.
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Stunts took their toll on the GMC trucks, so several different trucks were used during the show's initial run, causing some inconsistencies in episodes. For instance, the 1980 model truck in the pilot had two square headlights and a light tan interior. For the rest of the series, it almost always had the quad headlight configuration of 1981 and newer models, with a dark brown interior. The truck always appeared to be a long bed model, but a short bed model was used in a few episodes. After huge jumps destroyed several trucks, a jump truck was custom-built, with a mid-mounted engine and a reinforced frame and axles.
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Colt Seavers: [narrating] This is the story of one of America's great unsung heroes. I mean you've seen him, but you never knew who he was. You've cheered for him and cried for him and women have wanted to die for him. But did he ever get any credit, or the girl? No! He's what we call the "Stuntman", and the reason I'm talking so fondly about him is, well because it's me, Colt Seavers. Anyway, picture work isn't wall-to-wall employment, so maybe you wonder how a guy keeps his head together? Well, one way is to wait by the phone... and wait and wait. The other is to take an occasional job with the court system of the United States of America, where a man is considered innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, sometimes a lot of these people get out of jail on what we call bail and they'd run like hell!... and that's where I come in. I sometimes pick up rent money trying to find them and bring them back to justice.
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