The Gathering Storm
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The Gathering Storm

75 min
Biography | Drama
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Herbert Wise
Country: UK
Release Date: 1974-11-29
Richard Burton
Winston Churchill
Virginia McKenna
Clemmie Churchill
Robert Hardy
Joachim von Ribbentrop
Ian Bannen
Adolf Hitler
Robin Bailey
Neville Chamberlain
Geoffrey Bayldon
Kurt von Schuschnigg
Robert Beatty
Lord Beaverbrook
Patsy Byrne
Michael Elwyn
Anthony Eden
Edward Evans
David Lloyd George
Clive Francis
Randolph Churchill
Laurence Hardy
Verna Harvey
Junior secretary
John Kane
Brendan Bracken
Richard Leech
Admiral Pound
Denis Lill
George VI
Terence Longdon
Admiral Browning
Ian Ogilvy
Edward VIII
John Phillips
Von Brondorff
Steve Plytas
Angharad Rees
Sarah Churchill
John Rutland
Leo Amery
Kenneth Scott
Civil servant
Patrick Stewart
Clement Attlee
Fiona Walker
Miss Hamblin
Thorley Walters
Stanley Baldwin
Brook Williams
Lt. Comdr. Thompson
Did you know?
Robert Hardy plays opposite Richard Burton as Winston Churchill and will play Winston Churchill in five other productions as of 2009.
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This was televised by the BBC in Britain (where it was made) under the title "Walk with Destiny". It was shown at the time of Sir Winston Churchill's centenary.
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Two articles written by Richard Burton attacking Churchill, one entitled "To Know Him is to Hate Him", caused great offense in the UK and the US when they were published in November 1974 before his program was broadcast. Burton's younger brother Graham Jenkins contended they were in poor taste after playing Churchill in a favorable light with considerable help from the wartime leader's family. It lead to the blacklisting of Richard Burton from British TV drama for the rest of his life.
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Lesley Dunlop