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The Gingerbread Man

114 min
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Robert Altman
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-01-23
Filming Locations: Guyton, Georgia, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Opening Weekend: $118,278 (USA) (25 January 1998)
Gross: $1,534,569 (USA) (21 June 1998)
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
The Gingerbread Man
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.
The Gingerbread Man
Kenneth Branagh
Rick Magruder
Embeth Davidtz
Mallory Doss
Daryl Hannah
Lois Harlan
Famke Janssen
Leeanne Magruder
Mae Whitman
Libby Magruder
Jesse James
Jeff Magruder
Robert Duvall
Dixon Doss
Clyde Hayes
Carl Alden
Troy Byer
Konnie Dugan (as Troy Beyer)
Julia Ryder Perce
Cassandra (as Julia R. Perce)
Danny Darst
Sheriff Hope
Sonny Seiler
Phillip Dunson
Walter Hartridge
Edmund Hess
Vernon E. Jordan Jr.
Larry Benjamin
Lori Beth Sikes
Betty the Babysitter (as Lori Beth Edgeman)
Rosemary Newcott
Dr. Bernice Sampson
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Judge Russo (as Wilbur T. Fitzgerald)
David Hirsberg
Tom Cherry
Paul Carden
Judge Cooper
Michelle Benjamin Cooper
Christine Seabrook
Bob Minor
Mr. Pitney
Myrna White
Tax Clerk
Jim Grimshaw
Desk Cop
Stuart Greer
Detective Hal
Nita Hardy
Ferguson Reid
Detective Black
Benjamin T. Gay
Court Clerk
Mark Bednarz
Effingham County Sheriff
Bill Cunningham
Effingham County Sheriff
Foy Tootle
Effingham County Sheriff (as Chip Tootle)
Sonny Shroyer
Chatham County Sheriff
Jay Pearson
Chatham County Sheriff (as Jay S. Pearson)
L.H. Smith
Storm Evacuee
Wren Arthur
Barfly Robin
Angela Costrini Hariche
Barfly Wren (as Angela Costrini)
Gregory Alpert
Barfly Clark (as Gregory H. Alpert)
Lydia Marlene
Bartender Sarah
Bill Crabb
Jin Hi Soucy
Huey's Patron
Richie Dye
Huey's Patron
Chad Darnell
Huey's Patron
Natalie Hendrix
Television Anchorperson
Gregg Jarrett
Television Anchorperson
Doug Weathers
Television Anchorperson
Jeremy Cooper
Television Weathercaster
Beth Eckard
Television Weathercaster
Brad Huffines
Television Weathercaster
Patrick Prokop
Television Weathercaster
Mike Manhatton
Television Field Reporter
David Jordan
Television Field Reporter
George Lyndel Brannen
Television Field Reporter
Gregory F. Pallone
Television Field Reporter
Alice Stewart
Television Field Reporter
Vanessa Young
Television Field Reporter
Alyson Beasley
Puppeteer (as Alyson E. Beasley)
Angela Beasley
Scott Troughton
Dredge Worker
Grace Tootle
Gas Station Attendant
Shane James
Ricky Butch Banks
Herb Kelsey
Doss Gang Member
William Thorp
Doss Gang Member (as William L. Thorp IV)
Did you know?
Before Robert Altman and Embeth Davidtz came on to direct and play the female lead in the film respectively, John Dahl and Annette Bening were due to take on these roles.
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Robert Altman said that one of the reasons he took on "The Gingerbread Man" was because he had never directed a thriller before and wanted to give the genre a try.
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After Altman's cut of the film scored low in test screenings, PolyGram took it from him and recut it. This prompted Altman to demand that his name be removed from the credits. Then, however, PolyGram's recut version tested even worse, so Altman's cut was restored. The film opened in New York to largely good reviews.
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In the beginning of the movie, as Rick returns to Savannah, Georgia from a trial in Jacksonville, Florida, he crosses the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. The bridge spans the Savannah River and is located north of the city. Jacksonville, of course, is located south of Savannah, and Rick would have to go way out of his way to cross the bridge as he enters Savannah.
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At the party early in the movie, Rick and Lois are talking head-to-head on the sofa. Mallory walks behind them and you can hear Lois talking, but we see their heads at opposite ends of the sofa and they aren't talking. The camera immediately cuts back to them sitting close and talking like before.
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Clyde Pell: No offense ma'am, but it's always appeared to me your Dad's a few beers shy of a six-pack.
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Lois Harlan: The only exercise you are gettin' is jumpin' to conclusions.
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Libby: [addressing her father] Would you please stop talking to me as if I were Jeff's age?
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