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The Howling

91 min
IMDB rate:
Joe Dante
2 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1981-04-10
Filming Locations: Westlake Village, California, USA
Budget: $1,000,000
Gross: $17,986,000 (USA) Filming Dates May 1980 -  June 1980 Copyright Holder © 1980 AVCO Embassy Pictures Corp. Related Links
Patrick Macnee
Patrick Macnee
The Howling
Dee Wallace
Karen White
Dennis Dugan
Christopher Stone
R. William 'Bill' Neill
Belinda Balaski
Terry Fisher
Kevin McCarthy
Fred Francis
John Carradine
Erle Kenton
Slim Pickens
Sam Newfield
Elisabeth Brooks
Marsha Quist
Robert Picardo
Eddie Quist
Margie Impert
Noble Willingham
Charlie Barton
James Murtaugh
Jerry Warren
Jim McKrell
Lew Landers
Kenneth Tobey
Older Cop
Don McLeod
T.C. Quist
Dick Miller
Walter Paisley - Bookstore Owner
Steve Nevil
Young Cop
Herbie Braha
Porno Cashier (as Herb Braha)
Joe Bratcher
Radio Man
Bill Sorrells
Meshach Taylor
Shantz (as Mesach Taylor)
Ivan Saric
Jack Molina
Sarina C. Grant
Hooker (as Sarina Grant)
Chico Martínez
Man on Street
Daniel Núñez
Liquor Cashier (as Daniel Nunez)
Michael O'Dwyer
Wendell Wright
Man at Bar
Forrest J Ackerman
Bookstore Customer (uncredited)
Robert A. Burns
Porn store patron (uncredited)
Roger Corman
Man in Phone Booth (uncredited)
Robert Hammond
Bar Patron (uncredited)
John Jensen
TV Sports Announcer (uncredited)
Jonathan Kaplan
Gas Station Attendant (uncredited)
John Sayles
Morgue Attendant (uncredited)
Beverly Warren
Extra (uncredited)
Bill Warren
Extra (uncredited)
Did you know?
When Karen is looking in the shack in the forest, there is a can of Wolf chili on top of the fridge.
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Dee Wallace was very uncomfortable in the porn shop scene. The discomfort on her face can be clearly seen.
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The nick-name of R. William Neill (Christopher Stone) was "Bill".
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When Terry is in Dr. Waggner's office talking to Chris on the phone, there is an over-the-shoulder shot of Chris. Just before it cuts back to Terry in the office, a crew-member's shadow is visible moving toward Chris.
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When Chris arrives at the colony in his Mazda, you hear the tires squeal, but his car is on the grass, not the cement.
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When Eddie has Karen White in the porno booth, he says, "None of them do. They're not real, the people here. They're dead. They could never be like me," but his mouth is almost always closed the whole time.
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Karen White: [about Marsha] She walked past you like a bitch in heat!
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Karen White: Where's Bill?
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Dr. George Waggner: [upon being shot] Thank God!
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I thought werewolves could only transform during a full moon?
The werewolves in this movie can transform anytime they choose. They don't need the full moon nor do they have to transform just because there is a full moon.
Is there a longer version available of The Howling?
Partly, because there's a German DVD available that features some kind of an extended cut with nearly all the deleted scenes reinserted that can be found on the US-Laserdisc or US-DVD plus two scenes that are not featured amongst the deleted scenes of the US-DVD. A detailed comparison with pictures between the normal R-Rated version and this special cut can be found here.
How does the movie end?
The werewolves barricade themselves in the barn to get away from Chris and his silver bullets. He and Karen then set fire to the barn and run for the car. They pass Sheriff Sam Newfield (Slim Pickens) on the road and stop to give him a lift, but he begins to turn into a werewolf and shoots out their tires. Chris shoots Sam, and they take his patrol car. Before they can get the engine started, they are swamped from all sides by more werewolves. One of them breaks the rear window, hops into the back seat, and bites Karen on the shoulder before she is able to shoot him with a silver bullet. They finally get the car going, Karen looks in the back seat and sees that the werewolf she killed was her husband Bill. Sobbing, Karen says, 'We have to warn people, Chris. We have to make them believe.' The next scene shows Karen returning to her position as news anchor. Instead of reading the scripted report, she begins to talk about her experience at the Colony. As she nears the end of her speech, she gives visual proof by turning herself into a werewolf after which Chris shoots her. Of those in the viewing audience, some think it's special effects but one man in a bar claims it was real. The camera then pans down the bar, and Marsha can be seen seated there, waiting for her hamburger to cook.
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