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The Incredible Hulk

USA:20 min | USA:30 min (21 episodes)
Action | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure | Sci-Fi
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Country: USA
Luke Perry
Luke Perry
The Incredible Hulk
Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno
The Incredible Hulk
Neal McDonough
Bruce Banner
John Vernon
General Ross
Mark Hamill
Matt Frewer
The Leader
Philece Sampler
Betty Ross
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With the booming success of Spider-Man (1994) and X-Men (1992) on FOX, UPN wanted a piece of Marvel's animation success, and so a new series was commissioned. Given the popularity of the character, and most of Marvel's heavy hitters were either already on FOX or had been done before, at this point in time, it simply had to be The Incredible Hulk. Marvel has entrusted The Incredible Hulk to supervising producer Tom Tataranowicz, after he helped overhaul the syndicated Fantastic Four (1994) and Iron Man (1994) to more critical approval in their second seasons and gave the Hulk a backdoor pilot attempt in both shows.
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Johnson is especially excited about bringing in a relatively obscure group of characters from the comics. The Outcasts were there during the original gamma explosion, the animals and bugs that were also affected and have grown into their unique mutant forms. They have some element of intelligence but they don't talk.
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When writing the stories for this series, Tom Tataranowicz and crew mixed together the different comics versions of the Hulk, the live-action TV series and a few wrinkles of their own.
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