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108 min
Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Steven Soderbergh
Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 1 win & 14 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-09-18
Filming Locations: Blue Mound, Illinois, USA
Budget: $21,000,000
Opening Weekend: $10,464,314 (USA) (20 September 2009)
Gross: $33,313,582 (USA) (13 December 2009)
Joel McHale
Joel McHale
The Informant!
J.P. Gillain
J.P. Gillain
The Informant!
Matt Damon
Mark Whitacre
Lucas McHugh Carroll
Alexander Whitacre
Eddie Jemison
Kirk Schmidt
Rusty Schwimmer
Liz Taylor
Craig Ricci Shaynak
Discouraged Foreman
Tom Papa
Mick Andreas
Rick Overton
Terry Wilson
Melanie Lynskey
Ginger Whitacre
Thomas F. Wilson
Mark Cheviron
Scott Bakula
FBI Special Agent Brian Shepard
Scott Adsit
Sid Hulse
Ann Dowd
FBI Special Agent Kate Medford
Allan Havey
FBI Special Agent Dean Paisley
Howie Johnson
Rusty Williams
Nick Craig
Kid at Pool #1
Cody Puckett
Kid at Pool #2
Andrew Daly
Marty Allison
David Campbell
Budweiser Client Representative
Carolyn R. Feltner
Budweiser Receptionist
Elena Eustache
Zurich Bank Receptionist
John Hans Tester
Peter Dreyer
Ludger Pistor
Reinhard Richter
Rome Kanda
Hirokazu Ikeda
Yoshio Be
Kazutoshi Yamada
Raymond Ma
Kanji Mimoto
Hervé Deschamps
Philippe Rollier
Pascal Ifri
Alain Crouy
Ann Cusack
Robin Mann
Dann Seki
Joon Mo Suh
Jayden Lund
James Mutchnik
Chic Daniel
FBI Agent at Raid
Joe Chrest
Visiting Client
J.D. Mathein
Phone Agent
William Marsh
FBI Special Agent Ken Temples
Tom Smothers
Dwayne Andreas
Clancy Brown
Aubrey Daniel
Bob Zany
John Dowd
Tony Hale
James Epstein
Richard Steven Horvitz
Bob Zaideman
Tara Barrett
Reporter #1
Tim Cain
Reporter #2
Ken Frye
Reporter #3
Huey Freeman
Reporter #4
Brian Gallivan
Ron Henkoff
Daniel Hagen
Scott Roberts
Patton Oswalt
Ed Herbst
Samantha Albert
Mary Spearing
Jimmy Brogan
Dr. Derek Miller
Paul F. Tompkins
FBI Special Agent Anthony D'Angelo
Adam Paul
FBI Special Agent Michael Bassett
Wayne Pére
Sheldon Zenner
Scott England
Local News Anchor (as Scot England)
Joshua Funk
FBI Special Agent Robert Grant
Candy Clark
Mark Whitacre's Mother
Frank Welker
Mark Whitacre's Father
Larry Clarke
Whitacre's Second Attorney
Dick Smothers
Judge Harold Baker
Steve Seagren
Correctional Officer
Sage Adams
Jason Ripley (uncredited)
Roy Allen III
Office Manager (uncredited)
Rj Buckler
Extra holding boom pole in crowd of reporters (uncredited)
Emma Chandler
Mick Andreas' Assistant (uncredited)
Dona Ellis
Bartender (uncredited)
Nichole Fischer
Patron in airport (uncredited)
Gene Fojtik
James Gianoulakis
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Christopher Guetig
Office Clerk (uncredited)
Joe Hammerstone
Airport Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Tabby Hanson
Troy Hayes
New Home Owner (uncredited)
Richard Hoffman Jr.
Payroll (uncredited)
Bill Ibrahim
Attorney on EL (uncredited)
Jordan Kirkwood
European Executive (uncredited)
Don Kress
BJ Lange
Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Dan Latham
CTA Passenger (uncredited)
Ted LeBlang
Country Club Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Allen Marsh
Airport Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Mazurk
Federal Plaza Lawyer
Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough
Sweater Girl (uncredited)
Cameron Potter
Businessman (uncredited)
Mallory Scott
Business Traveler (uncredited)
Gary Sedlock
Movie Goer (uncredited)
Malik Simmons
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
E.J. Snyder
Golfer (uncredited)
Jaxon Stanford
Businessman Walking Thru Airport (uncredited)
Jani Vorwerk
Waitress (uncredited)
Erik A. Williams
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Did you know?
Whitacre mentions watching a show in which a character calls home and hears himself pick up the phone. This was the plot of a 1985 episode of The New Twilight Zone named "Shatterday", written by Harlan Ellison, directed by Wes Craven and with Bruce Willis as the guy with a double.
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In an NPR radio interview, Matt Damon said that Steven Soderbergh, to get Mark Whitacre's final apology to the judge just right, directed Damon to perform the lines as if he were accepting an Academy Award. (Damon said it was an example of "perfect direction".)
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To prepare for the role of the overweight character Mark Whitacre, Matt Damon purposely gained weight prior to filming. He did this by eating lots of hamburgers, pizza, and dark beer, which he described in an interview as being "really, really, really fun."
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When they are playing golf in Hawaii. The close up of the golf spikes that are being worn are Nikes. Nike did not have a presence in the golf industry when the film was taking place. Their entrance into the golf world did not happen until around 1996.
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When Mike meets with the FBI agents after they discovered he informed Schmidt of the raid he shows up in a Mercedes SL-Coupe (R129 chassis) which is correct for the period, but the wheels are Mercedes Benz style 530 which were not released until the 2005 Mercedes Benz S-Class (W221 chassis).
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When the shot of Tokyo is shown, there is a Half-pipe coaster. This story takes place in 1992-1994. The coaster was built in 2005.
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Mark Whitacre: Mark Whitacre, secret agent 0014.
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Mark Whitacre: What do they pay Kirk? What does a guy like that get? I bet he gets a hundred grand. He's just gonna sit behind that desk and ride it into the future.
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Mark Whitacre: Archer Daniels Midland. Most people have never head of us, but chances are, they've never had a meal we're not a part of. Just read the side of the package. That's us. Now ADM is taking dextrose from the corn and turning it into an amino acid called lysine. It's all very scientific, but if you're a stockholder, all that matters is corn goes in one end and profit comes out the other.
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How closely does the movie follow the book?
Those who have both read the book and seen the movie say that the biggest difference is that the movie has been made into a comedy, whereas the book was not.
A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
Is "The Informant!" based on a book?
Yes. The Informant! is based a 2000 nonfiction book, also titled The Informant, by American investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald. The book tells the story of F.B.I. informant Mark Whitacre. The book was adapted for the movie by Scott Z Burns.
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Photos from cast
Joel McHale J.P. Gillain