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The Insatiable

103 min
Comedy | Horror | Romance | Thriller
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Chuck Konzelman
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Austin, Texas, USA
Sean Patrick Flanery
Harry Balbo
Michael Biehn
Charlotte Ayanna
Jon Huertas
Josh Hopkins
Boyd Kestner
Detective Michael Loper
Brad Rowe
Ronnie Klein
Amanda Noret
GiGi Erneta
Female Detective
Jimmy Gonzales
Natalia MacLeod
Dream on Babe
Denver Dunlap
Young Cop
Mark Grzebyk
Meter Reader
Joe Grzebyk
Shop Foreman
Zack Gamble
Frat Boy #1
Sam Cirrincione Jr.
Frat Boy #2
Craig Knapp
Delivery Man
Sandra Brooks
Pet Store Clerk (as Sandra Giajewski)
The Screamer
Nicole Taylor
Morphing Blond Girl (as Nicole Lin Taylor)
Andrea Lee
Crime Scene Photographer
Bryan McCarthy
Bus Driver
Marcus Sexton
Hardware Store Clerk
Vanessa Ringold
Female Detective #2
Mark McGyver
Heath Young
CSI Agent
Ro' Black
Harry's Office Assistant (uncredited)
Debbi Larkins
Girl #1 (uncredited)
Melinda Marroquin
CSI Agent (uncredited)
Dan Murphy
Police Officer (uncredited)
Isaac Rodriguez
Hardware Store Customer (uncredited)
Jeff Runnels
Detective (uncredited)
When the Vampire pulls Javier through the bars, he fits easily, therefore, the Vampire should have been able to escape at any time. Also, when he is being pulled through, his hand "bends" the bars slightly, showing that they are not as hard as thought.
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The images were flipped over (mirror images) during the time when Javier and Bablo were on the ground. You can tell by their watches switched hands.
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When Javi goes down to the basement to meet Tatiana, she attacks him, pulling his right arm through the bars of the cage. Balbo pulls on Javi, trying to save him, causing his right arm to be ripped off at the shoulder. Javi and Balbo tumble to the ground, with Javi landing on his stomach with his right arm still attached. Then when Tatiana pulls Javi in again to kill him his arm is missing again.
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Strickland: Generally, only those who are already in danger, like yourself, are willing to do what's necessary to survive.
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Chet: Was she hot?
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Strickland: You know, you never asked me how I got in this wheelchair. It was 1972. I was 18 years old, with the Marines. We were five clicks outside of Plei Mei, real Indian country. And we came upon a Vietcong village... and everything was dead. Men, women, children. Arms and legs laying in piles next to a bonfire.
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How did Strickland end up in a wheelchair?
Strickland (Michael Biehn) was 18 years old when his army unit came upon a village in Vietnam where every man, woman, and child had been wiped out by two vampires--a male and his concubine. It took all their firepower and then a flamethrower to destroy the male, but then the girlfriend showed up and single-handedly wiped out every soldier in Strickland's unit...with the exception of Strickland. Him she batted just once, breaking his spine. He lay there, pretending to be dead, until a reinforcement troop found him and took him to a hospital after wiping out the vampire female with napalm.
How does the movie end?
The body of the meter reader is uncovered in a plastic bag in the dump. Detective Loper (Boyd Kestner) and his partner have been able to identify the fingerprints on the bag as belonging to Harry (Sean Patrick Flanery). From the meter reading keypad data, they have gotten the address of the last place the meter reader visited...Harry's apartment building. After the detectives visit Harry's workplace looking for him, Chet (Josh Hopkins) gives Harry a call and warns him that the cops are on the way. Knowing that it's all over but the shouting, Harry calls Strickland to say goodbye. Then he offers himself to Tatiana, along with the key to her cage. Tatiana reluctantly drinks his blood. After the deed is done, Harry goes upstairs, knocks on Cindi (Amanda Noret)'s door, hands her a rose, and asks to be fed. Cindy invites him in. In the final scene, Strickland sits in his wheelchair facing the front door, a loaded rifle in his hands. "Come on, you motherf*****s," he says. "I know you're out there, so come and get me! Come on!"
Is "The Insatiable" based on a book?
No. The Insatiable is a straight-to-DVD movie written by Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman, and J.R. McGarrity. (Solomon and Konzelman also directed the movie.)
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Tiya Sircar