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119 min | USA:125 min (unrated version)
IMDB rate:
Shawn Levy
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2013-06-07
Filming Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Budget: $58,000,000
Opening Weekend: $17,325,307 (USA) (9 June 2013)
Gross: $44,645,496 (USA) (1 September 2013)
Tiya Sircar
Tiya Sircar
The Internship
Vince Vaughn
Billy McMahon
Owen Wilson
Nick Campbell
Rose Byrne
Aasif Mandvi
Mr. Chetty
Max Minghella
Graham Hawtrey
Josh Brener
Dylan O'Brien
Tobit Raphael
Yo-Yo Santos
Josh Gad
Jessica Szohr
Rob Riggle
Eric André
Harvey Guillen
Gary Anthony Williams
Bob Williams
JoAnna Garcia Swisher
Anna Enger
Sean Goulding
Snitch (as Sean Robert Goulding)
Jill Jane Clements
Female Customer
B.J. Novak
Male Interviewer
Karen Ceesay
Female Interviewer
Ashlee Heath
Jarion Monroe
Not Professor X
Brian F. Durkin
Club Douche
Dean Balkwill
Little League Coach
Valyn Hall
Waitress with Pappy
Linda 'Lil' Johnston
Charlie Levy
Library Little Girl
Sophie Levy
Library Teen
Tess Levy
Library Tween
Clifton Guterman
Google Barista
Chasty Ballesteros
Exotic Dancer #1
Heather Rae Young
Exotic Dancer #2 (as Heather Young)
Dan Ford
Seminar Lecturer
Chuti Tiu
Yo-Yo's Mom
Fel Tengonciang
Yo-Yo's Dad
Martha B. Knighton
Doris Morgado
Dry Cleaner Girl
Molly Brady
Waitress Jennifer
Zane Stephens
Tiara Ramos
Exotic Dancer #3
Jody Smith 'The Supertrainer'
Bouncer #1 (as Jody Smith)
Gus Williams
Bouncer #2
Wells Chen
Chinese Waiter
Laura Avnaim
Googler (uncredited)
Rodolfo C Barrios
College Student (uncredited)
Tyler Bilyeu
Noogler (uncredited)
Andrew Blazensky
Arcade Patron (uncredited)
Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin (uncredited)
DuRa Brown
Strip Club Patron (uncredited)
Miracole Burns
Cosplay Bartender (uncredited)
Brian Castellanos
Arcade Patron (uncredited)
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Hunter Clowdus
Valet (uncredited)
Mickey Cole Jr.
Marty (uncredited)
Ricky Cornett
Billy's Dad (uncredited)
Margie Cox
Elektra Cosplayer (uncredited)
Greg Crews
Little League Parent (uncredited)
Thomas Dalby
Chinatown Pedestrian (uncredited)
Corey D. Dargan
Retirement Community Cargiver (uncredited)
Stephanie Davis
Tanya Koonz (uncredited)
Nick DeKay
Douchebag Friend (uncredited)
Patrick Engler
Chinatown Pedestrian (uncredited)
Troy Faruk
Douchebag Friend (uncredited)
Will Ferrell
Matress Salesman
Am Fong
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
John T. Ford
Google Employee (uncredited)
Bentley Gates
Bartender (uncredited)
Claudia Gates
Waitress (uncredited)
Tina Gilton
Chinatown Traveler (uncredited)
Jeff Matthew Glover
Upscale Restaurant Patron / Pizza Parlor Patron / Googler (uncredited)
John Goodman
Nick and Billy's Boss
Christian Guiton
Arcade Patron (uncredited)
Daniel Howat
Noogler (uncredited)
Michael D. Layden
8 Year Old Nick (uncredited)
Liana Loggins
Model (uncredited)
Lucky Mangione
Googler (uncredited)
Carl Marino
Upscale Dining Couple (uncredited)
Christopher Marrone
Computer Guy (uncredited)
Julie Mayo
Google Leader (uncredited)
Ken Melde
Pizza Patron (uncredited)
Kristina Mickel
Link (uncredited)
Moses J. Moseley
Googler (uncredited)
Kacie Jo Marta Nickles
Googler (uncredited)
Chinatown Pedestrian (uncredited)
Camilo Kem Olmeda
Bruce Lee Cosplayer / Noogler (uncredited)
John Orantes
Arcade Patron (uncredited)
Wayne Packer
Googler (uncredited)
Daniel Partenie
Patron (uncredited)
Jekyns Pelaez
Tiki Bar Patron (uncredited)
Star Phyfe
Newgooler (uncredited)
Kelly V. Reid
Google Leader (uncredited)
Joshua Reid-Davis
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Joel Rogers
Shuffleboard Oldtimer Guy (uncredited)
Vanessa Ross
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Mitchell Schwartz
Noogler (uncredited)
Molly Shaiken
Volleyball Player (uncredited)
Ben Smith
Guy Taking Shots (uncredited)
Natalia Smith
Air Hockey Girl (uncredited)
Curry Stone
Noogler (uncredited)
Rebecca Taylor
Girl in Car #2 (uncredited)
Kristopher Thiab
Grease Monkey (uncredited)
Jake Tompkins
Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Etienne Vick
Street Walker (uncredited)
Bilan Walker
Noogler (uncredited)
Michael J. Walker
Bell Hop (uncredited)
Matthew Wang
Google Intern (uncredited)
Millie Wannamaker
Retiree (uncredited)
John Michael Weatherly
Umpire (uncredited)
Jean Whalen
Eve (uncredited)
Steven Wiig
Chinatown Pedestrian (uncredited)
Callan Wilson
Cole (uncredited)
Nickolas Wolf
Library Kid (uncredited)
Benjamin Wood
Bartender (uncredited)
Caleb Woods
Noogler (uncredited)
Brady Morales Woolery
Card Player (uncredited)
Lisa Wu
Jeggins (uncredited)
Jimmy O. Yang
Wa Zao (uncredited)
Jacqueline Marie Zwick
Google Employee (uncredited)
Did you know?
Google allowed the film to shoot for five days at the Googleplex Headquarters, but most of film was shot at the Georgia Institute of Technology at Atlanta, where the film crew made the set look as accurate as the real one.
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When the group goes out for a night on the town, you can see the sun has gone completely down and it is nighttime. At the end of their evening while overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun has only just gone down and it's early twilight, not a sunrise and not nighttime.
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The three girls in the library scene are director Shawn Levy's children.
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In one of the interior google shots, a sign can be seen pointing to the physics classrooms of the building where the scene was filmed.
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Before the teams go out for the last challenge, Yoyo has almost a full eyebrow on the right. In the next scene at the pizza shop, he has no right eyebrow.
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When they are watching X-Men, Nick is seen sitting next to Billy. In the next shot, he is seen sitting against the wall with no one next to him.
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Billy McMahon: [to Yo-Yo just before the lap dance] This is Tapioca. She's studying to be a dental assistant. Enjoy!
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Billy McMahon: So, we say 'no' to love?
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Nick Campbell: For whatever it's worth, your imagination is so wild, reality's gonna be a breeze, if not a letdown.
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What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version?
The 5.5 minutes longer version reveals that most of the differences were necessary for the lower PG-13 rating in movie theaters. Considerung the amount of alternate footage, lots of further alterations were made. Especially the bar/stripclub scene stands out. Thanks to several alternate takes, there are many breasts now. Apart from that, a lot of foul language is added in the Unrated Version. To be more specific, sexual implications are more obvious now plus the F-word is being used quite a lot. Also, there are two entirely new scenes at the beginning and right before the end credits. One the one hand, they could have been removed for pace reasons. But then again, the dialog in these two scenes never would have made it through the rating process without being altered at all. At least, the comparison to the rape scene in Deliverance is quite funny and more Will Ferrell in the second one is also alright. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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Photos from cast
Bruno Amato Tiya Sircar