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45 min
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 3 wins & 27 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-04-03
Filming Locations: The Bridge Studios, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Tyler Johnston
Tyler Johnston
The Killing
Katie Findlay
Katie Findlay
The Killing
Bex Taylor-Klaus
Bex Taylor-Klaus
The Killing
Mireille Enos
Sarah Linden
Joel Kinnaman
Stephen Holder
Billy Campbell
Darren Richmond
Liam James
Jack Linden
Michelle Forbes
Mitch Larsen
Brent Sexton
Stan Larsen
Kristin Lehman
Gwen Eaton
Eric Ladin
Jamie Wright
Jamie Anne Allman
Terry Marek
Evan Bird
Tom Larsen
Seth Isaac Johnson
Denny Larsen
Tom Butler
Mayor Lesley Adams
Irene Reynolds
Secretary (19 episodes, 2011-2012)
Annie Corley
Regi Darnell
Did you know?
The first and second season follow the plot of the original season closely including the many different avenues of investigation, such as the stolen politician's car, the Halloween party, the relationship with her teacher etc. This series eventually deviates and ends up with a different killer and a different motive.
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Veena Sud confirmed in interviews that she wanted Rosie Larsen's murder to be a two season mystery.
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Joel Kinnaman was ecstatic to hear that he could drop the F-bomb during the final season because of Netflix purchasing the show.
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Why were some fans angered by the season one finale?
A number of fans felt that the show had implicitly promised them that the Rosie Larsen murder would be resolved at the end of the first season. This seemed to gain some credence when the final episode built to the arrest of a suspect as the killer. However, the episode ends with an indication that the suspect was framed and may in fact be innocent. This twist ending, which invalidated the apparent guilt of the suspect and revoked the closure which the episode appeared to give to the Larsen case, angered a number of fans.
Is this based on Twin Peaks?
The Killing is based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen, which was broadcast in the UK under the name "The Killing." That series also followed the police investigation of a murdered girl and people who have watched both series say that the first few episodes of the American version closely follow the opening episodes of the Danish series. When the Danish series was released there was no sense that this was related at all to Twin Peaks.Twin Peaks was an ensemble drama which looked at the residents of the eponymous town in the wake of the killing of high schooler Laura Palmer. Produced by David Lynch, the series had a heavy dose of surrealism and the supernatural including the use of ritual meditation to obtain clues, quirky characters such as the "Log Lady" who treated a piece of wood like it was her child, and prophetic dreams including the famous "backwards talking" dancing dwarf. Twin Peaks was about showing the dirty underbelly of American suburbia where, in Lynch's vision, the thin veneer of respectability hid all sorts of sordid happenings. In addition, Twin Peaks was a send up of night time soap operas and contained many of the staples of the soap opera genre such as multifarious romantic relationships, dastardly plots, amnesia, and shocking personality changes. Twin Peaks was very much an ensemble show and the ostensible star of the program, Kyle Machlachlan as FBI agent Dale Cooper, was one of the last characters introduced on the show, not appearing until more than halfway through the pilot episode.In contrast, The Killing seems to be a much more "straight" dramatic rendering of a murder investigation. It lacks the surreal and supernatural elements of Twin Peaks and while The Killing includes sub plots about the family of the murdered girl and a political campaign which gets caught up in the case, it seems to be very much more tightly focused on the lead investigator Sarah Linden. The pilot, for example, doesn't introduce any characters who are not connected to Linden for a full fifteen minutes and the beginning of the show follows her actions primarily. In addition, The Killing lacks the soap opera elements of Twin Peaks, and also seems to have different thematic goals. While Twin Peaks was about showing the pre-existing darkness in American suburbia, The Killing seems to be about examining how the tragic death of a young girl impacts those whose life she touched.The main similarity between the two seems to be the broad plot similarity of the investigation into a girls murder in the Pacific Northwest.
What song is Sterling listening to in school?
In the episode "A Soundless Echo", Sterling is listening to "Sleep the Clock Around" by Scottish band Belle & Sebastian. It can be found on their album "The Boy With the Arab Strap".
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