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The Krays

119 min
Biography | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Peter Medak
Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 4 wins & 1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 1990-11-09
Filming Locations: Aldwych Underground Station, Aldwych, Holborn, London, England, UK
Billie Whitelaw
Violet Kray
Tom Bell
Jack 'The Hat' McVitie
Gary Kemp
Ronald Kray
Martin Kemp
Reggie Kray
Susan Fleetwood
Charlotte Cornwell
Kate Hardie
Avis Bunnage
Alfred Lynch
Charlie Kray
Gary Love
Steven Berkoff
George Cornell
Jimmy Jewel
Cannonball Lee
Barbara Ferris
Mrs. Lawson
Victor Spinetti
Mr. Lawson
John McEnery
Eddie Pellam
Philip Bloomfield
Charlie Pellam
Norman Rossington
Patti Love
Michael Balfour
Roger Monk
Charlie Jnr.
Jimmy Flint
Andrew Kitchen
Michael Joseph Carr
Eddie (as Michael Carr)
Ian Burfield
Bob Brimson
Russell Gold
David Arlen
Jon McKenna
Sam Ripley
Sean Blowers
Chris Ripley (as Sean Blower)
Murray Melvin
Sadie Frost
Sharon Pellam
Stephen Lewis
Peter Turner
Regal Manager
Soo Drouet
Jack's Girlfriend
John H. Stracey
David Fenwick
Laura Cox
Angus MacInnes
Michael Tezcan
Italian Gangster
Richard Vanstone
Man Cut Outside Regal
Chris Pitt
Young Eddie
Pete Gillett
Man in Fight
Julie May
Jackie Downey
Angry Customer
Vernon Dobtcheff
Ryan Ward
Steve's Friend
Chrissie Cotterill
Barmaid (as Chrissie Coterill)
Simon Foy
Lost Boy
Tony Sands
Lost Boy
Behrouz Behnejad
Maltese Gangster
Mathew Barney
Boy in Classroom
Ben Brazier
Charlie Aged 12 (as Benjamin Brazier)
John-Paul White
Ron and Reg Aged 3
Michael White
Ron and Reg Aged 3
Harlon Haveland
Ron and Reg Aged 8
Samson Haveland
Ron and Reg Aged 8 (as Sam Haveland)
Jason Bennett
Ron and Reg Aged 12
Jamie Bennett
Ron and Reg Aged 12
Jimmy Batten
Brian Nickels
Dave Courtney
Ben Mansworth
Sean Barry-Weske
Postman / Block Warden (uncredited)
Terence Dackombe
Thug (uncredited)
Michael Elphick
George - Prisoner (uncredited)
Frank Jarvis
Drill Sergeant (uncredited)
Andrew Michael Jolley
Boy# 2 (uncredited)
Lenny McLean
Spectator at Ringside (uncredited)
Julia Migenes
Judy Garland
Jonathan Reason
Thug (uncredited)
Susie Ann Watkins
Susie (uncredited)
Brian Wilson
Tourist (uncredited)
Fred Wood
Fight Spectator (watching Ronnie & Reggie in the ring) (uncredited)
Did you know?
Reggie Kray reportedly wrote regular fan letters to Martin Kemp.
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There was a gap in between the houses in Caradoc Street so they built a false front for the 1930s; put a load of rubble in the road to look as though it had been bombed for the 1940s; and then put up corrugated iron for the 1960s.
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When he was killed George Cornell was 38 years old but Steven Berkoff was around 52 to 53 when he filmed this role.
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In the boxing scene at the fairground, the twins' are portrayed as young adults and that the fight between them transpires after Ronnie knocks out the prize fighter - this incident actually took place when they were both small boys. The ringmaster shouted to the crowd if anyone wanted to take on the show fighter and the young Ronnie Kray shouted that he'd fight him. Amid much laughter, the referee pointedly said he was a bit young - whereupon Reggie stepped up and challenged his brother. They fought gamely, and were both awarded half a crown for their efforts; this was also the bout that led to their later semi-professional careers as pugilists.
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Reg Kray takes Frances into her parents' garden where a 'decorative' garden gnome can be seen between them. Garden gnomes of the early 1960s were cast in plaster and painted but this one is of moulded plastic, a method of manufacture that wasn't used for this purpose until later.
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In the slow-motion sequences of the fairground boxing scene, the filming lights illuminating the scene can be seen flickering very prominently, due to beating between the mains frequency of the lights and the very high frame rate used to achieve the slow motion. They should have used DC-powered lights!
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Rose: I was on the bus the other day. And some old toerag was boasting about all he'd suffered during the war. Stupid old... I tell you, they don't know. It was the women who had the war - the real war. The women were left at home in the shit, not sitting in some sparkling plane or gleaming tank. There's no glamour for us. They should have been with me when old Pauline Woolley went in to labour. D'you remember that, Violet?
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Policeman: That is a lethal weapon, that is.
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Violet Kray: Who loves you, eh? That's right, Mummy loves you, you little monsters. Mummy loves you more than anything - more than all the cakes, more than all the jewellery, more than all the chocolate in the world.
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Photos from cast
Mark Burdis