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The Lake House

99 min
Drama | Fantasy | Romance
IMDB rate:
Alejandro Agresti
2 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-06-16
Filming Locations: Roosevelt University - 430 S. Michigan Avenue, Downtown, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Budget: $40,000,000
Opening Weekend: $13,616,196 (USA) (18 June 2006)
Gross: $52,320,979 (USA) (17 September 2006)
Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins
The Lake House
Keanu Reeves
Alex Wyler
Sandra Bullock
Kate Forster
Christopher Plummer
Simon Wyler
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Henry Wyler
Willeke van Ammelrooy
Kate's Mother
Dylan Walsh
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Mike Bacarella
Kevin M. Brennan
Waiter (as Kevin Brennan)
Frank Caeti
Cove Patron
Aliyah Carr
Girl Patient
Jennifer Clark
Nurse Practitioner
Jacob D. Dumelle
Patient on Gurney
Scott Elias
Tiffini Funches
Young Nurse
Lori Ann Gerdisch
I.C.U. Nurse
Michael Andrew Gorman
Cove Bartender (as Michael Gorman)
Jenny Kern
Nurse (as Jennifer Kern)
Joy Kocay
Party Goer
Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
India Neilan
Nora Newbrough
Marissa Newton
Hostess #2
Mia Park
Peggy Roeder
Jason Wells
Jacqueline Williams
Madhvi Patel
Jason Abustan
Ivy League Jr Architect (uncredited)
Nathan Adloff
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Alan Bovinett
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Katie Cleary
Simon Wyler's Student (uncredited)
Jane F. Cox
Business Woman (uncredited)
Sue Durso
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Nick Ferrin
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Diane Frances Fisher
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jason Frederick
Ice Skater (uncredited)
John R. Haley
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Patricia E. Harrington
Businesswoman (uncredited)
Bryanna Hartung
Girl at Navy Pier (uncredited)
Bob Kolbey
Commuter (uncredited)
Ernie Lang
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Nathan Lee
Ice Skater (uncredited)
John Littlefield
Doctor (uncredited)
Alexandra LoRusso
Messenger (uncredited)
Jamie Louachai
Skater (uncredited)
Stephen Mao
Man in Square (uncredited)
Lori Miller
Dog Walker (uncredited)
William Nero Jr.
Boy (uncredited)
Chet Nichols
Party Host (uncredited)
Libby Pedersen
Business Woman (uncredited)
Andrew Perta
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Jonathan Samuels
Architect (uncredited)
Gary Sedlock
Construction Worker (uncredited)
January Stern
Pediatrician (uncredited)
Rahul Thakkar
Doctors Assistant (uncredited)
Ron Valdez
Ivy League Jr Architect (uncredited)
Andrea N. Winters
Waitress (uncredited)
Robert A. Young
Chicago Police Officer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The lake house measured 2000 square feet and sat on top of steel beams ten feet above the waterline. It used 35 tons of steel and required nearly 100 carpenters, welders and painters to build it.
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This is Keanu Reeves's third film involving time travel, the first two being Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991).
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First movie to be released simultaneously on DVD, HDDVD and Blu-ray Disc.
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When Alex first meets Morgan at his house in 2004, there are dead leaves all over the yard of Morgan's house like it's the fall, but all the trees around are bright green and it's obviously spring- some of the trees are just starting to sprout leaves.
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The address that Kate (Sandra Bullock) lives at in 2006 - 1620 North Racine Street - is a non-existent address. While there is a North Racine Street in Chicago, it does not run in the 1600N block of the city.
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Kate writes to Alex in one letter that because a man died on Valentine's Day, his death is what brought her back to the lake house, and therefore, when she found Alex's first letter. However, when Kate realizes in 2008 that Alex was that same man who died on Valentine's Day, she warns him not to find her in order to save his life, and for him to find her at the lake house in another 2 years. Alex doesn't die, and he does meet Kate. However, even though Alex never died, this wouldn't have changed the fact that they began corresponding with one another because the initial reason why Kate wrote to Alex is because she wanted him to forward her the mail she was still receiving at the lake house.
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Kate: You waited.
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Kate: [voice over] Here's a little something for you. There was a freak blizzard in the spring of 2004. So, watch out for that April snow.
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Kate: My dog is eight years old, six in your time; skinny, has sad eyes, snores, and sleeps like a human.
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I can't follow the time changes in this movie. Please help!
Time warp movies are often hard to follow. It is made difficult in The Lake House because Kate and Alex are separated by two years. Thanks to their mailbox, their correspondence takes place simultaneously in both of their times. It might help to look separately at each of their timelines and then see how they fit together.Kate's 2006-2008 timeline: Kate moves out of her Wisconsin lake house at the beginning of 2006 and leaves a note in the mailbox asking that her mail be forwarded to her new address in Chicago. On Valentine's Day 2006, while she is eating lunch in Daley Plaza, a man is hit by a bus and dies in her arms. Unnerved by the experience, she travels back to the lake house, finds Alex's reply to her note, and laughs when she notices that it is dated 2004. After a series of back and forth letters, they realize that they are in a time warp. That summer, they 'share' a walk through Chicago looking at the architecture. Kate asks Alex to retrieve her book, Persuasion by Jane Austin, that she left in the Riverside train station in 2004. She sets up a time on 10 July for him to call her, but he doesn't, so they plan to meet at Il Mare in December 2006, but Alex doesn't show. Discouraged, Kate asks him to 'let me let you go' and goes back to building a life with Morgan (Dylan Walsh). In 2007, Kate finds Persuasion under the floorboard in her Chicago apartment and realizes that Alex must have placed it there during the construction phase of her building. She and Morgan decide to move into a new place, and Kate finds a building that needs massive renovations. They meet with Henry Wyler (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) at Visionary Vanguard Associates on Valentine's Day 2008 to discuss the renovation. That's when Kate learns that Henry's brother Alex died on that very day two years ago.Alex's 2004-2006 timeline: Alex finds Kate's forwarding request in his mailbox early in 2004, and they begin a correspondence that lasts through his summer (2004), during which he attempts to visit her apartment in Chicago but finds only a building under construction. He also retrieves her book, Persuasion by Jane Austin, from the Riverside train station. In September 2004, now fully aware of Kate, Alex attends her birthday party, and they dance and kiss, but she doesn't yet know who he is (remember, she doesn't become aware of him until 2006). In December 2004, after being told by Kate to 'let me let you go,' Alex gives Morgan the key to the lake house and moves to Chicago to start Visionary Vanguard with his brother Henry. On Valentine's Day 2006, Alex is hit by a bus and killed.Now go back and read Kate's timeline again.
How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for The Lake House can be found here.
How did Kate know to look under the floorboards to find her book? How did it get there in the first place?
In 2004, after he finds Persuasion at the train station, Alex writes to Kate and says, 'Kate, I have it with me and I'll find a way to get it to you sometime.' He doesn't put it in the mailbox as she requests. Instead, he puts it under the floor board in her future apartment (he had her 2006 address so he knew where to put it in 2004 while the building was being constructed) and left the board loose hoping she would notice and find it. In 2008, Kate is clearly POed when Morgan tells her to turn down the TV so that he can concentrate. She goes stomping off into the bedroom, hits a squeaky board, lifts the rug to inspect the squeaky board, and finds her book.
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