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The Last Challenge

105 min
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Richard Thorpe
Country: USA
Release Date: 1967-09-15
Filming Locations: Joshua Tree, California, USA
Glenn Ford
Glenn Ford
The Last Challenge
Angie Dickinson
Lisa Denton
Chad Everett
Lot McGuire
Gary Merrill
Squint Calloway
Jack Elam
Ernest Scarnes
Delphi Lawrence
Marie Webster
Royal Dano
Pretty Horse
Kevin Hagen
Frank Garrison
Florence Sundstrom
Marian Collier
Robert Sorrells
Harry Bell
John Milford
Frank McGrath
Ballard Weeks
Mark Allen
Dave Webster (uncredited)
Edward Astran
Barfly (uncredited)
Wendell Baker
Man on the Street (uncredited)
Jack Big Head
Indian (uncredited)
Roberto Contreras
Hotelero (uncredited)
Jay Erwin
Man on the Street (uncredited)
Tony Fraser
Tommy (uncredited)
Fermin Garcia
Mexican Man (uncredited)
Bill Hart
Cowboy (uncredited)
Lars Hensen
Barfly (uncredited)
Jimmie Horan
Townsman (uncredited)
Colette Jackson
Lou (uncredited)
Evan James
Charlie Webster (uncredited)
Travis Johnson
Man on the Street (uncredited)
Frank Kennedy
Man on the Street (uncredited)
Budd Landreth
Cowboy (uncredited)
Len Lesser
Ed the Bartender (uncredited)
George Little Buffalo
Indian (uncredited)
Eddie Little Sky
Indian (uncredited)
Ramon Martinez
Indian (uncredited)
Ken Mayer
Tom Garrison (uncredited)
Tina Menard
Esposa (uncredited)
Jorge Moreno
Mexican (uncredited)
Noble "Kid" Chissell
Barfly (uncredited)
Henry O'Brien
Indian (uncredited)
Letitia Paquette
Girl with Lot (uncredited)
Alberto Piña
Mexican Man (uncredited)
Beverly Powers
Saloon Hostess (uncredited)
Amanda Randolph
Sally - Maid (uncredited)
Rita Rogers
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Vaughn Taylor
Jim Haskell (uncredited)
George Tracy
Barfly (uncredited)
Bill Walker
Joey Moon Eagle - Servant (uncredited)
Russ White
Man in Store (uncredited)
Did you know?
The final film of veteran director Richard Thorpe.
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in the house where Lot McGuire is staying; there is a curtain of clear plastic strips that they all go through. these were not invented for 50 years or so after when this movie is based.
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After Marshal Dan Blaine unties Ernest Scarnes and sends him on his way, they both ride off in different directions, but the sun casts a shadow on each one's left side.
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During the card game, there is a woman in a yellow dress watching on the far end of the table. Her right hand is alternately on her belly/at the top of her dress between shots.
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Marshal Dan Blaine: Of all the people I know who ain't worth saving, you're the first one to come to my mind.
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Marshal Dan Blaine: He was a no good drifter. He'd steal the pennies off a dead man's eyes.
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Photos from cast
Glenn Ford J. Edward McKinley