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The Last Seven

UK:84 min
IMDB rate:
Imran Naqvi
Country: UK
Release Date: 2010-08-27
Filming Locations: London, England, UK
Tamer Hassan
Sgt. Jack Mason
Simon Phillips
William Blake
Sebastian Street
Capt. Robert Kendrick
John Mawson
Henry Chambers
Danny Dyer
Angel of Death
Idalina Leandro
Isaac's Wife
Belle Hassan
Isaac's Daughter
Patricia Rybarczyk
William's Co-Worker
Johnny Lynch
Cabinet Official
Jim Ford
Army General
Grace Vallorani
Paramedic 1
Yoram Halberstam
Paramedic 2
Lewis James
Paramedic 3
Toby Meredith
Paramedic 4
Lucas Yashere
Paramedic 5
Jacob Rybarczyk
Isaac's Aide
David Norfolk
Fireman (as David Frost)
Mike Linnane
Robby Haynes
Policeman 2
Chris Grezo
Gena Dry
Restaurant Victim
Terry Shipton
Chloe de Burgh
Restaurant Guest 2 (uncredited)
Helen Dashwood
Journalist (uncredited)
Annette Georgiou
Restaurant Guest / Explosion Scene (uncredited)
Nathan Hayles
Dark Figure (uncredited)
James Helder
Businessman (uncredited)
Phoenix James
Bystander (uncredited)
Simone Liebman
Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Gabe Lowe
Special Forces Soldier 2 (uncredited)
Matthew David McCarthy
Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Theresa Pope
Restaurant Guest 3 (uncredited)
Phil Pritchard
Head of MI6 (uncredited)
Adeline Rebeillard
Bomb Victim
Elisabeth Roberts
Member of Public (uncredited)
Atul Sharma
Restaurant Guest (uncredited)
Mick Slaney
Businessman (uncredited)
Darran Specter
Paramedic (voice) (uncredited)
Gary Swan
Martin J. Thomas
Special Forces Soldier 1 (uncredited)
Samuel Victor
Bomb Victim
Billy Young
Resturant Guest 5 (uncredited)
Did you know?
The film appealed to Danny Dyer as he had no dialogue.
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Director Imran Naqvi was formerly a Steadicam operator, hence the heavy use of it in the film.
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As guns are not readily available in the UK, some of the actors went on a weapons-handling course.
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When William Blake uses the telephone box in the opening ten minutes, he first uses the phone to call 999, it rings but no answer, so we know the phone works. He then puts some change in the phone to make a second call but then changes his mind, and puts the receiver back down. At this point the change he put in should have come through the mechanism and into the slot in the bottom. You would hear this for sure as its quite a loud noise, this doesn't happen.
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Photos from cast
Ronan Vibert Daisy Head Rita Ramnani