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The Last War Crime

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The Pen
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Deanna Hurst
Rachel Silver
Richard Tanner
Michael Arrow
Grey Wolf
Dick Cheney
Troy Conrad
George Bush
Alexander Cukor
Bob Angle
David Ghilardi
David Addington
Joanie Tomsky
Condoleezza Rice
Jim Ward
George Tenet
Kevin Sifuentes
Alberto Gonzales
William Knight
Donald Rumsfeld
Reggie De Morton
Colin Powell
Ben Marley
Richard Clarke
Cordell Pace
Smoky Jackson
Stephan Todd
Randy Bascom
Katharine Lee McEwan
Jennifer Arrow (as Katharine McEwan)
David Villar
Agent Rich
Shannon Hillary
Grand Juror No. 3
Pamela Clay
Jami Miscik
Cary Harrison
News Reporter
Kimberly Nelson King
FAA Supervisor
Christina Linhardt
Female Interrogator
Paul Russell Laverack
Male Interrogator
Sam Mandel
Dan Max
NORAD Commander
Kendra Munger
News Broadcaster
Val Tasso
Senior Technician
Chris Devlin
John Bellinger
Rob Brackenridge
Ari Fleischer
Elkanah Burns
FBI Supervising Agent
G. Larry Butler
Karl Rove
David Bolton
Sir Richard Dearlove
Josh Estrada
Judge Sanchez
Jack Fitz
Jack Goldsmith
Darrel Guilbeau
William Haynes
Kelly McCracken
Lead Interrogator
Jessie McLean
Master Sergeant
Michael Sherman
John McLaughlin
Alison Rood
White House Staffer
Michael W. Warren
Patrick Philbin
Koya Webb
Ticket Taker
Joseph Lennon McCord
Lionel Heredia
Officer Swift
Cupid Hayes
Woman In Street
Paige Morrow Kimball
Mary Matalin (as Paige Kimball)
Miklos Gyulai
Grand Juror No. 9
Marie-Françoise Theodore
Grand Juror No. 1
Nurah Allah
School Teacher
Scott Blair
Military Aide
Keith Connes
Grand Juror No. 2
John Dimitri
Man In Street
Shanti Ellis
Court Reporter
Karen I. Frank
Grand Juror No. 11
Eric Giroux
Andy Card
Pamela Guest
Karen Hughes
Constance Haft
Grand Juror No. 4
Janine R. Harris
Grand Juror No. 8
Jody Harrison
Female Security Guard
Scott Hayman
Secret Service Agent 2
Patricia Merrill
Grand Jury Foreperson
Alexandra Morgan
Grand Juror No. 10
Andrew Moriarty
Male Security Guard
Noel Schwab
Secret Service Agent 3
Carl Solomon
Scooter Libby
David Stewart
Secret Service Agent 1
Georja Umano
Grand Juror No. 7
Nancy Van Iderstine
Grand Juror No. 6
Amina Warsuma
Cleaning Person
Marco Berrios
Solider In Hospital
Salman Bokhari
Waterboarding Detainee
Maxwell Brooks
Defense Attorney
Richard Connamacher
Guantanamo Doctor
Don Mack
FBI Field Agent
Nasry Malak
Guantanamo Detainee
Frank Malle
Bill Applegate
George Q. Nguyen
John Yoo
Gwendolyn Oliver
TV Newscaster 2
Betty Ouyang
Betty Ong
Shae Popovich
CIA Agent
Britt Prentice
Legal Commentator
Did you know?
Distribution problems have caused the delay of the film's release.
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Viacom and MTV refused to run the trailer for the film in Times Square due to it's content.
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All of the grand jury scenes were filmed at the USC law building.
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Female Interrogator: Have it your way, towel head. How about a towel for your face, a great big wet towel?
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Dick Cheney: I say we make him do the fish dance.
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David Addington: Maybe we could call it compassionate torture.
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Photos from cast
Julie Peppard
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