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The Ledge

USA:101 min
Drama | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Matthew Chapman
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-05-26
Filming Locations: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Budget: $10,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,176 (USA) (10 July 2011)
Gross: $5,176 (USA) (10 July 2011)
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam
The Ledge
Terrence Howard
Det. Hollis Lucetti
Liv Tyler
Shana Harris
Patrick Wilson
Joe Harris
Jaqueline Fleming
Angela Lucetti
Christopher Gorham
Chris (as Chris Gorham)
Maxine Greco
Dean J. West
Frank (as Dean West)
Jillian Batherson
Tyler Humphrey
Katia Gomez
Monica Acosta
Housekeeper (uncredited)
Maverick Boudreaux
Cameraman (uncredited)
Ashley Braud
News Anchor Patricia Wilson (uncredited)
Sean Paul Braud
Cop (uncredited)
Thomas C. Daniel
Cop (uncredited)
Amber L DeVos
Woman Walking in Street (uncredited)
Brianna Dufrene
Gail (uncredited)
Amber Gaiennie
News Anchor (uncredited)
Jason Lumberjack Johnson
Police Officer (uncredited)
Don Lincoln
Man on Street (uncredited)
Melody Noel
Girl with Dog (uncredited)
Mark Rayner
Bus rider (uncredited)
Alyssa Tate
Young Girl (uncredited)
Nathan Alan Thomas
Cameraman (uncredited)
Cindy Williamson
Downtown Bystander (uncredited)
John T. Wilson Jr.
Police Officer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Shana says that Gavin was a teacher and Gavin says "Yes". Charlie Hunnam played a PE teacher in Green Street (2005).
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The film's premise is somewhat similar of the Stephen King short story, also called "The Ledge".
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The apartment number shown in the film, "212" is a reference to the birthday, February 12th, of Charles Darwin, who is the great-great-grandfather of the film's writer & director, Matthew Chapman.
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Gavin Nichols: That's the problem. Like, I could never fly a jet into a building. But those 9/11 guys could, because they have faith in an afterlife. Not to mention, seven virgins. Although, why anyone would want virgins, I don't know.
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Det. Hollis Lucetti: Do you have anyone to stay with?
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Det. Hollis Lucetti: Yeah, I'm not really sure I even want to do this. But this couple down at the precinct, they've been at me for this for a year now, and I've known them for 15 years, I mean, John and Jane Connelly, they're real good people, but you know, they can't have kids, so he goes, you know, "If I had a child I'd want to be like Hollis", aw shoot, I don't even know why...
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