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The Leopard Man

66 min
Horror | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Jacques Tourneur
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1943-05-08
Filming Locations: RKO Studios - 780 Gower Street, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Dennis O'Keefe
Jerry Manning
Jean Brooks
Kiki Walker
Isabel Jewell
Maria - Fortune Teller
James Bell
Dr. Galbraith
Margaret Landry
Teresa Delgado
Abner Biberman
Charlie How-Come
Tuulikki Paananen
Consuelo Contreras (as Tula Parma)
Ben Bard
Roblos - the Police Chief
Ed Agresti
Mexican Police Officer (uncredited)
Robert Anderson
Dwight Brunton (uncredited)
Jack Chefe
Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
David Cota
Boy Singer (uncredited)
Sidney D'Albrook
Waiter Serving Helene and Dwight (uncredited)
Rosita Delva
Young Lover (uncredited)
Jacqueline deWit
Helene (uncredited)
John Dilson
Coroner (uncredited)
Joe Dominguez
Police Officer (uncredited)
The Leopard (uncredited)
John Eberts
Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
Fely Franquelli
Rosita (uncredited)
Eliso Gamboa
Señor Delgado (uncredited)
William Halligan
Brunton - the Rich Man (uncredited)
Ariel Heath
Eloise (uncredited)
Rose Higgins
Indian Weaver (uncredited)
Brandon Hurst
Cemetery Gatekeeper (uncredited)
Robert Karnes
Nightclub Customer (uncredited)
Colin Kenny
Nightclub Customer (uncredited)
Kate Drain Lawson
Señora Delgado (uncredited)
Dora Leyva
Nightclub Customer (uncredited)
Jacques Lory
Philippe (uncredited)
Charles Lung
Manuel - the Grocer (uncredited)
Mary MacLaren
Nun (uncredited)
Richard Martin
Raoul Belmonte (uncredited)
Belle Mitchell
Señora Calderon (uncredited)
Ottola Nesmith
Señora Contreras (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien
Bartender (uncredited)
Bob O'Connor
Mexican Police Officer (uncredited)
Tom Orosco
Window Cleaner (uncredited)
Juan Ortiz
Plainclothesman (uncredited)
Manuel París
Man Blowing Smoke (uncredited)
Rene Pedrini
Frightened Waiter (uncredited)
John Piffle
Flower Vendor (uncredited)
Jose Portugal
Young Lover (uncredited)
Betty Roadman
Clo-Clo's Mother (uncredited)
George Sherwood
Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
Bobby Spindola
Pedro Delgado (uncredited)
Marguerita Sylva
Marta (uncredited)
John Tettener
Minister (uncredited)
Rosa Rita Varella
Clo-Clo's Sister (uncredited)
Russell Wade
Man in Black Car / Man Outside Graveyard (uncredited)
Did you know?
The black leopard Dynamite also appeared in Val Lewton's Cat People (1942).
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Made it's New York TV premiere 29 September 1956 on WOR (channel 9).
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There are several unidentified musical pieces used during the film. However, the unusual birthday song sung a capella to Consuela is called "Las Mananitas"; it also turns up in Subida al Cielo/Mexican Busride.
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DVD subtitles mistakes: Galbraith describes the ancient Indians' use of jaguar skulls in their "religious rites," but the captions read "religious rights".
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At the nightclub, Kiki is seated at a table with Jerry and Galbraith. As she asks Galbraith why he gave up teaching, a slim dark haired woman wearing a matching suit and hat walks past their table. The shot cuts to Galbraith saying 'Various reasons,' the woman can be seen behind him, already seated at a nearby table, just over his shoulder on the far left of the screen.
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When Jerry is holding the leashed leopard in Kiki's dressing room, the leopard walks between his legs from behind, trailing the leash. When the shot changes, the leash is in front of Jerry.
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Kiki Walker: We're not going to catch a train - we're going to catch a murderer.
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Brunton - the Rich Man: When you marry champagne, you can't trade it in for beer. You're stuck with it.
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Kiki Walker: It may sound like music to her. I can do better with my teeth in a cold shower.
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How many people are killed by the leopard?
Three. First is Teresa Delgado (Margaret Landry), the young girl whose mother sent her out to buy cornmeal for tortillas. Second is birthday girl Consuelo Contreras (Tuulikki Paananen) who is planning to meet her lover Raoul Belmonte (Richard Martin) in the cemetery. Third is castanet dancer Clo Clo.
How does the movie end?
When Charlie informs Jerry that he found the leopard's body in an arroyo where it had been shot and skinned several days ago, Jerry remembers that, when he and museum curator Doctor Galbraith (James Bell) searched that area together, Galbraith went into the arroyo alone. Jerry concludes that Galbraith must have been the one who found and shot the leopard and then did the killings while trying to pin them on the leopard, so he and Kiki cook up a plan. Kiki goes to the museum under guise of wanting to watch the procession as it passes by. Kiki asks Galbraith to turn off the lights to better see the procession. When he joins her at the window, she drops a pair of castanets, and Galbraith turns on her, but Jerry and Raoul suddenly enter and prevent him from doing her any harm. Galbraith runs outside and tries to conceal himself in the passing procession, but Jerry and Raoul pluck him out. Gailbraith confesses to killing Consuelo in the cemetery, and Raoul shoots him. In the final scene, as Raoul is answering to the police, Jerry and Kiki admit that they like each other to be 'soft' (to care about people).
Is 'The Leopard Man' based on a book?
Yes. The Leopard Man is based on Black Alibi, a 1942 novel by American writer Cornell Woolrich. The novel was adapted for the movie by Ardel Wray and Edward Dein.
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